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Farm to Mouth at Tanaka Farms

Working a farm field, can now be First World fun for the entire family or a date.

Just right off of the 405 and the University exit amongst the golf courses, apartments, the Taco Bell and Mazda corporate headquarters is Tanaka Farms.

For $18 you get to ride around in a wooden wagon pulled by a rickety tractor for an authentic farming feel.

That’s the rickety tractor I was referring to.

My tour guide for this one hour tour was Stacy (she’s hidden in the black cap), and throughout the ride she points out all the types of fruits and vegetables the farm grows (most people will have a hard time identifying things since it’s not in the produce section of the local supermarket).

Yup, that’s the wooden wagon and Stacy giving the tour which happens throughout the year. Just be sure to check their schedule before going.

Not only do you get to look, but you also get to eat all these veggies raw that were picked from the farm. If you don’t like raw veggies, you better get your fill of some Taco Bell Quesaritos before you get here because there’s also no tubs of Ranch dressing although you really don’t need it. 

The green beans, sweet corn, cilantro, romaine, carrots and strawberries are all da’rish’us without it (ok, not the cilantro because who eats that just by itself?).

Sweet tasting carrots that are grown with the use of OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) approved pesticides which are permitted under most organic licenses.

Since it was strawberry season they’ll let you loose like a bougie farm hand to have an AYCE strawberry feast or to pick and fill one carton of strawberries to take home. For once you can pick your own food, si tu pueda pinche Americano.

Eat as many as you want, or you can pack some up in a their supplied carton.

All the Details

The Annual Schedule:

Visting Hours:
Times are typically 10am to 2pm during the summer months although you will want to check their calendar here for the exact schedule.

Produce Stand Hours:
Daily from 9 am till 5 pm.

What to Wear:
It’s a farm, dress appropriately like you’re going on a hike.

Additional Notes:
No dogs or wagons are allowed due to their insurance policy.

Price for Tours

  • Adult $18, Child $18, children under 2 years old and under are free.
  • Group rates are also available.
  • Reservations available by calling (949) 653-2100 ext 204

Image Gallery


30-acres of leased farm land to grow fruits and vegetables.

Sweet and crisp like those snap peas.
Pick and eat or pick and pack it away in a carton. Keep in mind that the type of produce you pick will depend on the season you go.
Eating strawberries right off the stem
If you drive a Range Rover or similar vehicle, this is your spot because they have a dirt parking lot which will finally give you a chance to take your vehicle “off-road.”
They sell produce that they grow here, but they also sell produce from other farms and suppliers.
look at the size of that bug attacking this watermelon
Agritourism is a major focus of Tanaka Farms.
1998 Tanaka Farms moved after land development forced them to move the 200-acre leased farming operation from Irvine Center Drive and Bake Parkway.
Corn eaten RAW!, but I should say “raawwwr” because biting into this corn was sweet and delcious.
Yes, strawberries are grown from a plant.
Not just fruits and vegetables are being sold at the market
Amazing to think this is just right off the 405 in Orange County next to a golf course

Tanaka Farms

5380 3/4 University Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 653-2100

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