This weekend while you’re BBQ’ng, yakiniku’ng (is that a word, haha), or having a good ole time stuffing your face, take a minute out of your day to think of the veterans who have or are currently serving this country.

One such American is Daniel Ken Inouye (Sept 7th, 1924 to December 17th, 2012). He was a United States Senator from Hawaii and was the highest ranking Asian American in U.S. History.

He had fought in WW2, and he had lost his right arm from a grenade wound in which he had received several military decorations for. Later he was presented the highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor by President Bill Clinton.

There’s a lot more about Daniel “Danny” Inouye, and I highly suggest you go read more about him or watch President Obama’s remarks at his funeral. You can also find bits by former President Clinton, VP Joe Biden, or House Speaker John Boehner who also all spoke at his funeral. You probably *yawned* at the thought of that, so this is likely to be more your attention span: go to YouTube and watch the Walking Deads, Steven Yeun play Daniel Inouye in a reenactment of his “heroic moment”, you’re welcome.

Daniel Inouye’s Funeral Service (a must watch)

Comedy Centrals Drunk History: Daniel Inouye’s Heroic Moment


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