I Was Vegan for an Hour (Local)

“Local Healthy Tapas and Sake”.

Can they be any more ambiguous or off with their name, or are they doing this in homage to the previous tenants which was “Sake Bomb Masa Sushi”? Also why “Sake bomb”, wtf because it wasn’t a really a hardcore drinking establishment! That business was doomed from the day they named it, and I have no clue as to how they were able to stay open this long.

Sadly though, they are no longer there, and the new tenants are a welcome change (1 month old) since they have a nice clean, open, and welcoming vibe to it. Previously it was a cluttered, dark tinted windowed, and very hermit interior when it was Masa.

As for Local, it’s a Japanese vegan/vegetarian restaurant. The food is so far, so good, and I have to say the plant carcasses or whatever I’m actually eating aren’t all that bad. Also don’t let “vegan/vegetarian” thwart you from trying the place since they do serve actual Jidori brand chicken and fish.

Local. Healthy Tapas & Sake

1907 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 873-5333
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