Saayyyy wuuuuhhh!!? Is What I Think When I See the Low Prices at Seiwa Japanese Market

Typically $5+, but not at Seiwa

One example of some of the pricing are the KitKat’s at Seiwa which typically sell for upwards of $5, but Seiwa just ran this special for only $2.99!

Seiwa is the latest market to open up recently which took over the now bankrupt Fresh & Easy location in Costa Mesa.

Seiwa Market is now open, right off Harbor and the 405

Seiwa could be likened to a Japanese Costco which I have heard they have some sort of affiliation to Marukai? If not, whoever they are, they’re doing a great job with being a price leader amongst.

The store front facing Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa next to Chik-fil-a. Image by Google Maps.

As of now, this location is the first one (Costa Mesa), and a number of others are scheduled to open such as in Houston, and one set to open in Torrance.

Seiwa Market

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