Side Chick (Manichi Ramen)

Very cool main dude here, but this place feels like its trying to pull one over on you.

It’s like they read a book on “how to cut corners” or “how to make a buck, one buck at a time”.

That’s one reason I hadn’t been back since their soft opening , but my first impressions is that the broth is heavily reliant on the garlic oil, the cha shu is more decorative because it’s paper thin, and charging a dollar for a couple cloves of garlic is ridiculous. I say that because I could’ve ran next door to Daikokuya where they have plenty of freshly minced garlic for free, but instead I was here at the run-off spot because Daikokuya had its usual one plus hour wait.

Damn, this is not a worthy side chick to my main love, Daikokuya.

Manichi Ramen

32 1/1 E. 1st. St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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