The Roots, Burdock Root, aka Arctium Lappa

You got me gobo. I love you gobo (aka burdock root, aka arctium lappa).

I love you fried like a chip (pictured) with a sprinkle of aonori (seaweed) and little salt. I love you sautéed as kinpira. I love you in takikomi gohan (seasoned rice), and I even like you pickled as yamagobo, that carrot looking thing in makizushi that’s not a carrot. Gobo don’t worry you know that you got me.

My parents were always trying to get me to eat something because “it was good for me”, but there are some things that are just really good to eat like fried burdock root. I’d eat it regardless of all the health benefits that range from being high in fiber, potassium to having the benefits of being an anti-inflamatory.


All you’ll need for gobo chips is:

  1. Frying oil
  2. Frying pan (obviously, haha)
  3. Gobo root
  4. A good mandolin slicer, this is critical. If you don’t have one, buy one. I have a Kyocera which works out real well because it’ll let you adjust the thickness by increments.
  5. Salt
  6. Aonori (green seaweed flake).

The thicker you cut it, the more “chew” vs. crunch you can give the gobo chip. Both ways are great, so you’ll want to try it both ways.

If you’re too lazy to prepare it yourself, you can always go to Izakaya Hachi in Torrance or Costa Mesa.

One last bit is that if you’re the gassy type, this isn’t going to help.

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