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Kappo Wuuuuhh?

On your hot Monday afternoon during your lunch break, you may be about to eat a quasi-Japanese #3 lunch combo.

A combo that typically consists of beef/chicken teriyaki, a salad, miso soup, and some California rolls. That combo is somewhat uniquely American because on the opposite side of the world in… ok, well you don’t have to go that far, but down in Orange County in Costa Mesa, a bunch of Japanese diners are eating at Kappo Sui.

This spot has catered to a primarily Japanese clientele which is apparently obvious because of the specials menu on the walls are strictly written in Japanese versus a more decipherable version done in romaji. Don’t worry though, they do have an eigo (English) menu which has what looks to be everything on either menu, Japanese or English, so don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything.

The menu at Kappo Sui consists of kappo or traditional Japanese style cuisine. This style originated out of Osaka and it consists of steaming, frying, simmering, grilling, and raw dishes.

These dishes are also served kappo style which means you’ll see a long counter with some old school looking chairs on one side, and on the other end you’ll find the Japanese kitchen staff kind of like an old school American diner.

When your order goes in you’ll hear your order getting called out to the kitchen staff in which you’ll also be able to see your order being prepared directly in front of you (something sushi bars have made commonplace). Once your order is prepared, you’ll see it quickly go from the hands of the chef to…. okay the owner here is getting older, so he may fumble around with which table or spot it may go to, but eventually it’ll end up in front of you. When it does, you’ll be in for something that no sushi bar does.

If by this point, traditional kappo style food still confuses you, feel free to gravitate back to your training wheels of beef teriyaki and California roll combos because you just can’t fight us Muuuricans and our love for teriyaki (yea I ordered the beef teriyaki at a kappo restaurant…don’t judge).

Kappo Sui
20070 Santa Ana Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 429-0141 | Yelp profile