One More Sushi Bar Pet Peeve #3 (well for now)

What I’m about to describe to you is horrific… the horror, the horror.

There’s people out there that will not eat the rice in nigirizushi because you’re either on a low-carb diet, or you think it’s some devious ploy of adding filler. If that’s you, just please order sashimi (pictured). I get it when the drones of tourists in Vegas are eating the fish off the rice like locust at an AYCE buffet line, but I don’t get going into a legit sushi bar to do that. The nigirizushi rice is an integral part of sushi, and I’d say it’s a large part of what truly defines great sushi. It’s not only just the fish you should be enjoying, but how a properly formed nigiri will break apart (not sticky/chewy) when you bite into it with the right amount of tooth to each kernel, and how the sushi shari/sumeshi (rice) is at a perfect room temperature. To top it all off, it has to have the proper blend of rice to shari su (seasoning) which is typically a blend of salt, sugar, vinegar, sake/mirin, and konbu. If that all happens, all I got to say is, respect the rice.
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