Sushi Bar Pet Peeve #2

“What’s fresh?”

Seriously? Asking this does not signify, ensure, or define you as a connoisseur. Instead, it labels you as a d’bag because every time I hear it being asked at a Japanese sushi bar, I know how silly that is to ask because everything is served as fresh as can be. Also chicken, beef, and fish aren’t necessarily at its best straight out of the slaughterhouse, the field, or ocean. Fresh “green” beef and other meats get better with some aging and “fresh” is not everything you thought it was. Although if you’re going to ask if it’s fresh, you’re better off asking about that hot dog at 7-11 or which farm Chili’s got that onion from for your Awesome Blossom. But I think you already know the answers because Chef Mic(rowave) always says “yea buddy, it’s very fresh.”
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