Domo Arigato Domo

Just like the countryside in Japan, except this restaurant is located in Denver, Colorado

There’s a level of pretentiousness when I look at the reviews on Yelp about a lot of the sushi restaurants in Colorado. I’m talking specifically about the ones that are written by the out-of-state visitors. These are the type of reviewers that first establish that they’re from LA, New York, or some other city that is meant to put the cow poke Coloradan in awe. So these reviews go something like this “I’m from _________, so I’m really spoiled when it comes to sushi. XXX sushi restaurant is like a 2 star compared to XXX”. When I read this, I’m always wondering what sushi restaurant in XXX city are they really spoiled by? You know I got to know, so I typically research them via their Yelp profile, and it usually turns out to be some mundane or mediocre spot they reviewed/checked in to. Seeing this just reinforces that coastal or major cities aren’t the only places in the world for stand-out spots, and if you can’t get past your pretentiousness, you should just stay in your city… where they spoil you.

Japanese countryside style in downtown Denver. A spot you would not think is in Colorado if you were to wake up here (sounds like a good set-up for a practical joke).

Hot Bowl of Gohan (“rice”)

You’re only going to find this type of food either at Domo or inside a Japanese persons home. Well, not all homes since some are only capable of opening up packs of natto or instant noodles although as for me, I can sometimes cook up dishes along these lines. When I do, you just may want to drop some compliments on me; otherwise, your only chance of eating this type of food is by going to Domo (I highly suggest this route anyways).

Now don’t think this is some fancy, techno playing, fusion spot with twenty types of sushi rolls because it isn’t. It is instead the stuff that I love to eat which reminds me of my grandmothers cooking. This is the type of food where a freshly scooped warm bowl of satiating carbs in the form of rice is a perfect pair with all the varying types of okazu (side dishes). Mmmhhh, satiating.


The country side dishes, 7 of them.


Willy Wanko of Sushi

“Wanko sushi” is a style distinctive to Domo, so Gaku Homma (the owner) is like the Willy Wonka of Japanese food. I say that because he most likely coined the term “wanko sushi” himself which is most likely based on “wanko soba.”

Wanko style is where you eat off these small red plates. Everything I had on these little red dishes, I really liked, so it’s no gimmick (well to me it isn’t).

My favorites were their sushi meshi (sushi rice) which was perfectly seasoned. The fish quality and the saba (mackerel) in particular were so good.

If you want to try real Japanese food, not the “con-fusion” food that Colorado Japanese restaurants are so well known for, this is the legit spot to do that at.

Domo’s creation “wanko sushi”. Three course for $23.50, five for $29.50 (pictured), and each additional course is $5.50

Restaurant, Museum, Garden, and Dojo all in one

Domo isn’t just a restaurant, but it is also an aikido dojo, Japanese country museum, and a Japanese garden. What? You say your restaurant only does food? That’s cute bro.

the aikido dojo

Domo arigato Domo.

Domo Restaurant
1365 Osage St.
Denver, CO 80204
(303 595-3666 | Yelp



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