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The Sweet Life: Comparison Table of Japanese Candy Boxes

Featured image is by Skoshbox.

If you like Japanese candy, sweets, drinks, snacks, capsule toys, this table is for you.

My nerd like self put together all the Japanese candy box subscription services into a comparison table to make it easier to compare them although if you want the detailed list, check out “The Mother of All Listings of Japanese Candy and Snack Box Subscription Services.

If you’re extreeeeeeeeeemely lazy, and you just want to know what the top 5 Japanese candy subscription boxes are because you don’t like to do your homework, here they are (I won’t judge you… you have your friends for that)“Top 5 Japanese Snack and Candy Subscription Boxes” list.

Comparison Table

CompanyHighlightMedium Size ComparisonBox DetailsPrice
BokksuA diverse group of Asian Americans killing it on the creative side.20-25The Classic Bokksu will take you on a "gourmet" pairing with tea.$39.00
Candy JapanNo frills husband and wife duo that will get you the candy you've been looking for.4-8Boxes are sent to you 2x a month which both contain about 2-4 items.$29.00
Candy SanA French languaged based company right out of Tokyo, Japan.15Candysan Box sweet and salty snacks, and a gachapon (surprise capsule).$27.74
Freedom Japanese MarketThey were inspired to start the business because a friend loved candy.12-16They tout a hefty weight of candy of 1 pound.$24.99
Japan Candy BoxDefinitely one of the top box companies that is based out of Hong Kong.10You're automatically entered into a candy raffle valued at over $100$19.90
Japan CrateAnother large operation out of the SF Bay Area who does more than candy.15The Japan Crate includes a drink, DIY, and a revolving bonus item.$30.00
Japan Fun BoxA friend who loved candy moved away from Japan, so now you have JFB.15-20Fun Box, DIY, toy, surprise toy, drink, adult candy, etc.$32.99
Kyandi BoxA French company that is a French language website. (temporarily c;losed)800 gIt is a French website so you get to buy things in euros and by the gram.$35.07
Marimo Candy ClubHusband and wife operation out of Tokushima, Japan.8-12Buy by the individual item or subscribe to the monthly service.$29.99
My Japan BoxA worldwide talent agency called BMedia runs the show here.15-20The candy box... and well it's 30 with 15-20 items.$30.00
Okashi Connection"Sort of" a small family style business ouf of Chiba, Japan.12The original subscription contains an umaibo$28.80
Oyatsu BoxA nicely done site by Satoshi from Chiba, Japan who will respond in 24 hours.11-14The Oyatsu Box, japan only soft drink, gachapon, DIY candy kit$25.00
SkoshboxDammn... they were kind of weak, but now they teamed up with Tokyo Otaku Mode.13-15The Megabox which includes 2 mystery items$35.00
SnakkuTraditional and classy but read the blog by the owner #keepitclassy20-25The signature box contains about 2 lbs of snacks.$38.95
Tokyo TreatOne of the top companies out of Tokyo, Japan.18The premium comes with full-sized snacks, 4 random snacks, 1 umaibo, 1 DIY candy, 1 drink, and 1 wagashi$34.99
Umai BoxA site in English, French (a French company), and German!13-18Umai Box, gachapon, random bonuses$21.49
WOWBOXOne of the best sites out there in terms of design, and user interface.12-16The Fun and Tasty box. Contains a good balance of all the fun, tasty, and weird treats Japan is known for.$34.99

Out of curiousity, leave a comment on which one you ended up choosing. You’ll be able to see the one I chose in an upcoming unboxing post.