Mr. B’s Vault Full of Japanese Whisky is Where You Will Find Me in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse

If you are looking for a Japanese whisky in the Denver metro area, Mr. B’s is where you will want to go (also in the event of a global pandemic)

The popularity of Japanese whisky has inflated the prices and made it difficult to find which is why when I find a stash, it becomes my goto spot. A spot I do not mind sharing unless it impacts the product availability or the world comes to an end. If either does happen, you will have to be the farmers’ daughter for me to let you in on any secret stashes.

It’s “mister” to you, now good day to you sir.

If you want to stock up, mr. B’s carries upwards of 700 types of wines, 500 beers, and 600 spirits for you to stockpile because you can’t just survive on 72 cases of Spam.

You can brown bag it out here.

Back in 2009, brothers Jared and Scott Blauweiss started Mr. B’s which is “B” for “brothers, bros, bosses, bratwurst, or “Blauweiss (one can only guess).”

BTW, my pictures suck because I had a couple drinks before stopping by.

Mr. B’s has two locations. The first location is located in downtown Denver which does not have the greatest reviews for their staff, and the second is at the Stanley Marketplace (pictured). Although, don’t worry about the staff here because their rating stands at a 4.5 out of a 5.

This is where you can find me, in the vault fondling the bottles.

Scotch here, so there’s no “e” in whisky.

Exactly how a survival bunker should be stocked.

One of my casual and affordable drinking Scotches on the shelf to the right is a Glenfiddich 12. If I want to save approximately $8-10, my other go to is an Irish whisky that you’ll commonly find anywhere which is Jameson because I can’t survive solely on buying $50-70 bottles.

White Oak distillery and their Akashi whisky

If you are an avid whisky drinker I highly suggest you pick up a bottle because of how hard it is to find a number of these brands, but also because it beats paying $12+ for a one or two ounce pour at a bar.

Mars Shinshu Iwai and Tradition and Suntory’s Toki.

From my experience tasting both the Iwai and Tradition, I highly recommend you drinking it neat (like you should). That way, you just might be able to taste the sweetness of the fruit flavors like pear, quince, and hints of red fruits and vanilla. As for the Tradition, ripe cherries, honey toffee with a ginger spice. 

Who’s got a Kavalan Solist for me to try for free, message me.

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed by Mr. B’s variety of Japanese and the inclusion of Taiwanese whisky, Kavalan (somebody knows what’s up here on which brands to buy).

FukanoRice whisky distillery founded in 1823 from the Kumamoto prefecture.
KavalanTaiwan’s first whisky maker which was established in 2005.
Mars ShinshuA family owned whisky distillery from Japan that is considered the highest distillery at 798 meters.
MatsuiA Japanese whisky distillery founded in 1910 in the Tottori prefecture.
Nikka The other big dog whose founder Masataka Taketsuru studied Scotch in Scotland.
SuntoryThe big daddy of Japanese whisky companies and the most widely carried (Beam Suntory).
OhishiAn organic malted and unmalted rice whisky from the Kumamoto, Japan area.
White OakFrom the city of Akashi, Japan and founded in 1888.
The Nikka coffey grain scored 93 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2014 which named it “Japanese Whisky of the Year.”

Hopefully Mr. B’s and this location does tastings.

The Nikka coffey grain goes extremely well with kakuni (a Japanese soy braised pork belly).

They carry both Nikka coffey grain and malt, but keep in mind that I’m sure the inventory will vary. BTW, this will help you decide going in, Coffey: is the type of still (a column still to be exact which has nothing to do with “coffee”), grain: one or more various types of grains (barley, corn, rye, or wheat), and malt: made with malted barley.

Mr. B’s carries Fukano whisky which is made from rice, and not your typical barley, corn, rye and wheat grain whisky.

If it was not cool enough that Mr. B’s carries Fukano, but Ryan, the general manager here said (not verbatim) he thought Fukano was cool/unique because rice is a grain that is core to Japan, and I have to agree with him on that (kind of like peat is to Islay Scotches?).

Impressive to find that Mr. B’s carries this very limited edition (only 1,200 bottles) rice whisky.

I have got to say that I love how Fukano worked with a local artist, leg hugger, and my homie WhiskyAnorach who is a big time whisky “anorach” to design their label. That right there says a lot about the brand in a positive way.

You’ve got 10-12 hour window of time to make it down here.

In the movie Shaun of the Dead, Shaun (Simon Pegg) takes refuge in a pub called the Winchester which is something I can relate to because I would do the same with Mr. B’s regardless of a pandemic or a zombie apocalypse.

Mr. B’s Wine & Spirits

Stanley Marketplace (pictured)
2501 N. Dallas St Unit 188
Aurora, Colorado, 80010

(720) 531-6010


2101 Market St. Unit 112
Denver, CO 80205

(303) 295-6727


Website: www.mrbswineandspirit.com
Facebook: mrbswineandspirits

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