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So You Like Sauces. Well, Here Are a Couple Japanese/Asian Inspired American Born Sauces

Main image courtesy of Bachan’s

From sriracha, Tapatio, ranch dressing, to teriyaki sauce, they have all become part of the American culture of drowning our foods in flavortown

I can not live without Red Rooster Louisiana hot sauce for my fried chicken, Tapatio on my cheeseburger from 1/4 lb Giant Burger (in Hayward, CA), to occasionally some ranch dressing on a combination pizza maybe because like Guy Fieri, us American’s all want to live in flavortown.

Photo Description: bald eagles head against the American flag in the background.
As American as catsup which originated out of China

Before you check out the sauces, keep in mind these are small American start-up producers, so this post will help you to understand:

  • All the basic details: get all the basic information about the product from what it is, size, to price in an easy simple format (one producer, I had to search for their bottle size because it was not easy to find).
  • Recommended use (the most important category): like with any product, you’re not going to go out and get it, if you don’t have a use for it. Unlike ketchup, A1, to Tabasco, these sauces will be all new to you which is why I will have some suggested uses.
  • “Shrimp on a yacht”: yea, I have never tried any of these sauces, so you are probably asking “well, how the frick are you trying to tell us to go out and buy it?” The answer, well you have never eaten shrimp on your own personal yacht, but don’t tell me you don’t want to eat shrimp on your own personal yacht named “seas the day” (yes, you do).
  • Not a paid endorsement: yup, not a single cent, and no free products because I am doing it to support our fellow Americans who want to make an honest living. So that they can afford 5.56/9mm ammo, donating to the American eagle foundation, and to be able to afford kosher hot dogs for the family on the 4th of July.

Switch up your sauce game with these sauces (do it for America)

These are our fellow compatriots who are putting up the good fight to allow you and your family a chance to not live in blandtown.


The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Photo Description: a yellow header for Bachan's "The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce." the "original" is in an nostalgic cursive American script with the other font being a non-serif style. On the right are 4 octopus arms.
Headquarters: Sebastopol, CA (NorCal), USA
Core ingredients/flavor profile: Non-GMO soy sauce, hon-mirin, organic garlic, organic ginger, organic green onion. For their full listing of ingredients, you can click here.
Recommended use: great as a sauce or marinade on meat, fish, veggies, rice, and anything in-between.
A few reason why you will love their sauce: family recipe, small batch, fresh ingredients, cold-filled bottle, and non-GMO certified.
Does it require refrigeration: the sauce is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated until opened. Once opened, it’s recommended to keep refrigerated to prolong the flavors of the sauce (no preservatives used).
Bottle size: 16 oz.
Price: $13.99
Buy online:
Social media: Instagram, Facebook
My notes: they use an octopus as part of their branding, but it does not contain octopus, it’s not specifically for octopus, so it’s just a random octopus enjoying the sauce with its arms all up in it.
Photo Description: a bottle of bachan's in a clear plastic bottle with a white label and the graphic and an octopus logo with the words "Bachan's" concentric to the octops.
Photo Description: Yum, a picture of several succulent looking pork chops on a grill with the flames below. There is some bokeh in the shot that blurs out the backround.
Marinate chicken, pork, or beef and cook. Image by Christopher Aloi/Flickr


All Purpose Sauce

Photo Description: the Olokoi logo which is black with gold looking lettering in a very eccentric style and an icon of a female holding a leaf on a maroon background with the words "all purpose sauce."
Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA (SoCal), USA
Core ingredients/flavor profile: a seasoned soy sauce that is citrusy with a spice which creates a unique umami experience.
Recommended use: if you are a meal prepper, this is the sauce you will want because it has major flavor, is low cal, low sodium, contains no sugar, and is vegan friendly. You’ll want to dip your chicken and anything and everything into this sauce.
A few reason why you will love their sauce: this is your chance to try a sauce that is a blend of Micronesian (Pacific Islands) and American culture (You should know this one).
Does it require refrigeration: N/A
Bottle size: 10 oz.
Price: $7.95
Buy online:
Social media: Instagram, Facebook
My notes: it looks as though this is a very new company, so a lot of the questions you might have about the product are not that easy to come by which is why this post exists (to learn everything you need to know).
Photo Description: a black beer bottle looking bottle with a very nice gold border, the dark maroon accents, and the girl holding the leaf. The words 10g is on the bottle.
Photo Description: two young black ladies with hairnets and gloves on, one with a very lovely smile, the other concentrating on the task at hand inside what looks like a commercial kitchen. They are prepping a very large order of chicken atop a stainless steel table in two aluminum pans that they are collecting off of trays.
If you have clients (wholesale opportunities available) or you personally prep your own meals, you will love having Olokoi to take your meals up a notch. Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture.

As an FYI, I may purchase the products, and if I do, I will do a follow up on the products.

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