The Japanese Food and Culture Influencer Guide

Yea, you can try to Google what you are looking for, but you are not going to readily find or learn what many of these individuals know, which is why I am doing this guide on Japanese food and culture influencers.

There are so many people out there that are more worthwhile to follow than most media outlets which range from Instagrammers, YouTubers to fellow bloggers, many of them I consider homies.

Japanese Art/Culture Influencers

  • Tokyo Fashion
    • About: Japanese street fashion pictures from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas of Tokyo. We bring street style from Japan to the world.
    • Instagram: tokyofashion

Japanese Alcohol/Drink Influencers

  • Whisky Japan
    • About: Japanese whisky enthusiast. Photos of rarities and new releases, tasting notes, and bar info.

Japanese Candy Influencers

Japanese Food (American) Influencers

  • Brake Checkd
    • Name: Ganesh
    • About: he loves his wagyu, and I added him because he is a homie and a contributor to my blog.
    • Instagram: brakecheckd
  • Oishii Desu
    • About: almost didn’t add my own page because I have been slacking a lot on it, but I plan on switching it up.
    • Instagram: oishii_desu
  • Yakitori Guy
    • About: chicken eating officer. Was in tech. Now cooking @brewzakaya and building a community of yakitori lovers.
    • Instagram: yakitoriguy
    • YouTube: yakitoriguy

Japanese Food (Japanese) Influencers

  • Master Wagyu
    • About: Executive chef and butcher in Tokyo
    • Language: English and Japanese
    • Instagram: master_wagyu

Ramen (Japanese) Influencers

Ramen (American) Influencers

  • Ramen Fiendd
    • About: resident foodie, professional ramen eater and now amateur ramen cook. Follow me as I delve into all things ramen.
    • Instagram: ramen_fiendd
  • Way of Ramen
    • Name: Ryan
    • About: this channel is a place for me to try out and experiment with different ramen recipes. I’m not an expert, just a normal guy trying to get better at making ramen.
    • Instagram: wayoframen
    • YouTube: wayoframen

This list is far from complete, and I will be constantly adding to it. Also, if you feel like you should be on it, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form because most likely you’re right about that.

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