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Tai Tai Japanese/Hawaiian Restaurant’s Yelp and Google Places Listing Are Essential

Yelp and Google Places listings are essential although they will never one up underwear selfies and dancing vids on social media (it’s tough fighting for peoples attention).

When it comes to growing a social media presence, I tell my female friends to go onto Tinder to grow their followers. The same goes for Yelp and Google Places, they are critical for most restaurants TO BE ON/MANAGED regardless if you like whiny Yelpers or having anybody and everybody reviewing your business (Google Places is good tho, *wink *wink Google algorithm). Although as far as dick pic’ng Tinder’er’s go, have fun with that.

Any information you post online, it is all about those impressions or how many people will see your content. If they don’t see it, you will have people yanking on a locked door because YOU ARE NOT OPEN FOR INDOOR DINING (yea, I’m shouting for the people in the back and a shoutout to Adrian and Laura, my co-yankers).

Photo Description: Yelp Tai Tai Hawaiian/Japanese screenshot
An unclaimed asset

To “Help” Tai Tai, I Had to Post on My Blog Because I Was Not About to Give Yelp (the Bastard and Hated Child) an Exclusive

Any Google search for local businesses, especially restaurants, will yield a Yelp or Google Places listing. That is one reason you will likely not see this post. Unless I can provide more useful information outside their format which I intend on trying to do. Unfortunately, both platforms are good at covering most Google searches (so how the hell are you reading this now? You tell me).

My Tai Tai Yelp Post is Below But with 28% Less Spelling and Grammatical Errors (There are Still Errors and My High School GPA is Reflective of That)

I was at Starbucks since I can work remotely, which is also why I did a double-take at the restaurant next door, Tai Tai. I initially wrote them off as hacks till I Googled them as I sat at Starbucks. I then saw that they were part of Sushi Sasa a.k.a. Wayne Conwell, WTF! They are one of the only legit places in Colorado, so I was happy/excited to see an extension of them open up only blocks from where I live and “graduated” high school from (TJ is the high school next door to Tai Tai).

Finally! A location in my neighborhood means not having to Uber it all the way to Sasa because a drink or three is a requirement for me. Now, I only have a short Uber ride away or bike ride to avoid a DWI. Although, LA County sheriff’s department gave me a firsthand experience that it is not impossible to get a DWI while on a bike. I was not doing anything out of the ordinary, but I was asked to step off my bike, followed by a pat-down, handcuffed, all my belongings in my pockets thrown on the hood while narrowly missing having my franks and beans groped, and questioned about my $4k bike. If it were not for the fight down the street, my detainment on my bike could have gone further (I have a Yelp review on them).

Except that wasn’t an issue tonight at Tai Tai since they never opened their doors. When I checked on their dining status, I moronically checked Yelp. Like a dumbass, I waited for them to open because it did not say they were not doing dine-in (the one platform they have not claimed/maintained). So I am posting on Yelp and my blog to let you know they only do take-out currently, which I didn’t bother doing. For the record tho, on Google Places, “dine-in” is also listed.

Well, I guess this 1.6 GPA student with a 4.90 on Uber will patiently wait for them to open one day, hopefully soon. Because like they say, the best things are worth the wait, and I can not help think of my ex, who had me wait till the very end of the night on our first date for some snoo snoo.

Photo Description: Google Places SERP's listing, top-right of results page, Tai Tai Japanese / Hawaiian restaurant, Denver, CO 80222

So How Does a Small Business/Restaurant Keep Their Customers in the Loop?

There is a reason why you do not have marketing companies or businesses that cater to small businesses. It is because what limits all small businesses is the small business owner. That is what determines a small business being a “small business.” These owners tend to try and take everything on themselves, so all these businesses will come up short. Although, I started this blog to aid the anomalies, the small businesses owner who can and will go beyond. They are the resourceful types that will lean on a blog or professionals within their field to help guide their decisions. All of which will in turn help to keep their customers in the loop.

  1. Google and unfortunately Yelp are the most prominent resources, so having your information only on Google Places does a disservice to Apple users (Yelp is integrated into the Apple ecosystem) to any other service not promoting or aligned with Google.
  2. PUT AN EFF’N SIGN PROMINENTLY ON YOUR FRONT DOOR. Not knee height on the lower left-hand side of your door, and more like at eye level. Starbucks does it, and static cling signage is like $20.
  3. Encourage your customers to connect with your business through social media (Facebook and Instagram are the core platforms), email, to text marketing.
  4. Each one of these channels and methods have their pluses and minus and depending on the type of business you have, one might be better than the other.
  5. Within these platforms, many of them will allow you to get the word out at no cost although to maximize your reach, you will be required to pay to “boost,” “advertise,” or “promote” your message.
  6. Do not try and do this on your own if you have no clue, hire a digital marketing specialist to target your demographic from region to interests (I can not tell you how often I get poorly targeted content).
  7. Last for a reason, micro-influencers to bloggers/vloggers. Many of them have little to no following, and the vast majority do not care about your results for posting your content. The pricing can vary widely although most are from $300-$750 or thousands. Just do not expect great results from selecting a random influencer because many get off on the fact they are making money.

Well, that is my 2-3 am rant because I was betting my writing would put me to sleep (EDIT: night number 2 of waking up after only 2 hours of sleep, so I edited a number of issues).

Photo Description: a picture of Tai Tai Japanese restaurants front door and sign that is place at knee height. The framed 8-1/2x11 sign has a QR code, along with their business hours stating they are only open for take out only.
I can do without the framing if they could simply say this across the two most widely used platforms.

The Customer Experience

In the end, I told Adrian and Laura to call first, but to check out Cherry Hills Sushi Company located down the street (probably the business that inspired Tai Tai although CCHSC/Brad gets it).

Tai Tai Japanese/Hawaiian Restaurant

5078 E. Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80222
(720) 287-4321

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