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The Best Deba Japanese Knife for Line Cooks, Sushi Chefs, Fishermen, and You (Yea, You)

“Short hours, unlimited PTO, high wages” said no line cook, so here are the tools that will make a 55-70+ hour work week and a shift beer seem all that much better (well, not just one drink, it’ll take more).

Whether you are an avid fisherman, home cook, or line cook, this tool will heighten your love for fishing or cooking. While the other dude is living his best life in the BOH because this list will stretch that hourly wage with a deba starting at $43.

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I have compiled the 12 top-selling deba knives by the 5 top online Japanese knife dealers from Japan, Wisconsin, and select sellers on With five brands with products under $100.

(He recopilado los cuchillos deba más vendidos por los principales comerciantes de cuchillos Japoneses en línea de Japón, Wisconsin y vendedores seleccionados en

Aye guey, just pick one foo.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. So a big fat thank you to everybody who does purchase through my affiliate links because it is very much appreciated. Also, there are several brands where I get absolutely nothing (even the bulk of the products listed are excluded), but I value legit content (and donations) over a buck cuz I give a *uck.

Photo Description: icon that represents Japanese brands/products.
12 Japanese Brands

Forever, Saitama, Japan
Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan, Sakai City, Japan
Global, Niigata, Japan
Hattori, Seki, Japan
Masahiro, Seki, Japan
Masamoto, Japan
Misono, Seki-city, Japan
Sakai Takayuki, Sakai city, Japan
Shikisai, Seki, Japan
Tamahagane, Niigata, Japan
Tojiro, Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan
Yoshihiro, Japan

Photo Description: icon that represents vetted dealers.
5 Vetted Japanese Knife Dealers

Amazon: eChefknife
Beverly Hills, CA
Est. 2008
Amazon: Sointu USA,
New York City, NY
Est. 1989 (bow down)
Chef Knives to Go
Fitchburg, WI
Est. 2002
Japanese Chefs Knife
Seki, Japan
Est 2003
Hyogo, Japan, (N/A)
Est. 2013?

2 Main Types of Deba

Deba usage
(left or right-hand specific)
  1. Deba (the OG formula aka the true deba): a thick and wide blade for cutting fish and light mincing. The back of the blade can be used to chop thin bones. The thick and heavy blade of a deba has a good durable edge suitable for cutting fish or chicken (including the bones) and filleting tasks.
  2. Yo Deba (Western): The edge is generally double-edged, and the Western deba has a heavier weight and more durable edge. The sturdier design is for intensive use (Murican grade), like cutting a fish, chicken (including bones), shrimp, and lobster, although still not recommended for frozen foods. Also, avoid hard and thick bones, which will damage the blade.
  3. There are more variations of a deba such as the mioroshi (if a deba and yanagiba had a baby), ai deba (for filleting AND slicing), and a ko deba (a small deba aka ajikiri)
Yo deba usage

If you are butchering a lot of fish or chicken, a deba is what you will want to add to your knife collection/roll.

Like a mechanic, having the right tools for the right job makes things all that much easier, that’s why some have a crushed can with a hole in it vs. a bong,

Which Deba Size to Buy

It all depends on the 1. the size of the fish you are butchering (it should match the size from outside of the fish to the spine with your knife at a cutting angle, not perpendicular), 2. the size of your work space will allow, and 3. what you feel comfortable working with.

  • 120mm / 4.75in, chilito for small fish, like horse mackerel (ajikiri).
  • 150mm / 5.9-6.0in, the starting size at the lower end.
  • 160mm / 6.3in, for home cooks all types of users.
  • 165mm / 6.4in, an ideal size for most fish and users.
  • 180mm / 7.0in, a popular size at the upper end for home cooks and starting size for pro’s.
  • 210-225mm / 8.3-8.9in, for larger fish (like salmon/tuna) and typically used by professionals.
  • 240mm / 9.4in, for larger fish (for that big fish tale) for professionals.
  • 270mm / 10.6in, Mandingo sized and typically only used by the pro’s.

The Most Popular/Top-Selling Japanese Deba Knives

The top Japanese knife dealers in the world.

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Priced from From $43 to $450, and due to the popularity (many of these brands you will see on my other top-seller lists) of these products, they are often “out-of-stock.”

Product availability and pricing are subject to change (a lot).

In ascending order
$ (Low): Under $100, (5)
$$ (Med): $100-280, (5)
$$$ (High): $280+, (3)


Hybrid Silver Titanium 21


CROMOVA 18 (Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium)
GS-4, Classic, Stainless Steel
120mm/4.75in, $66 (Amazon)
GS-7, Classic, Stainless Steel
180mm/7.0in, $70 (Amazon)


If you tend to get sloppy with your knives and do not properly care for them, the first three products by Forever, Global, and Masahiro do not require special care, and chromium is your friend.

Many high-carbon blades require you to completely dry the blade.

Stainless steel
150mm/5.9in, $76 (Amazon)
170mm/6.7in, $75 (Hocho-Knife)


White #2 steel (shirogami/carbon steel)
Ho wood handle with a plastic ferrule. 


Sakai Takayuki
Kasumitogi, White Paper 3 steel (Shiroko)
The U shaped handle is made of magnolia


MIYAKO 33 Layer Damascus (AUS8)


Kurouchi White Steel No.2 Series
Deba (Oval Shaped Red-Sandal Wood Handle with Black Pakka Wood Ferrules
165mm/6.5in and 180mm/7.0in


Kyoto 63 Layer-Damascus: Core layer is VG-5, High Carbon Molybdenum Vanadium Steel, is enveloped by 31 layers of SUS410 (13 Chrome Stainless Steel) 
Western style wood handle


KS-series Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko (high carbon steel/white steel)


KK Series Kasumi White Steel No.2
150mm/6.0in to 225mm/8.9in (6 sizes)


Hongasumi Blue Steel #2
Rosewood Handle

You do not have to buy the most popular selling product or brand, and there are several other brands you can buy that exemplify the notoriety of Japanese knives and “made in Japan.”

If you want to know all of the Japanese knife brands, I have a list, along with how Japanese knives are priced.

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Yo Deba


Swedish High Carbon Tool Steel Series
165mm/6.3 to 270mm/10.6 (4 sizes)


FH-11L / VG-10 Cobalt Steel (HRC60 to 61)
6.4in or 9.4in

This is How Long it Will Approximately Take to Receive Your Knife

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I like to check my order seconds after placing it, and if you are the same way, here are the details of how long it will approximately take to get your order.

Along with imagery of how your product is shipped.

All of these deba’s are legit regardless which one you choose, odelay.

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