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The future of retail either online or as a brick-and-mortar has become more mutually beneficial on having partners, so wassup partner (#relationship goals).

Throughout the career of Oishii-desu’s founder, Greg Taniguchi, he has been ahead of the technology curve developing strategies and solutions to problems unseen or noticed. That ability is the culmination of over two decades of experience building some of the biggest brands in the automotive/motorsports industry, and you can view his portfolio here at

Greg Taniguchi, a Japanese American (sansei/yonsei) started in April of 2016 in Los Angeles, CA because of the way influencers and the mainstream media continued to produce biased and culturally oblivious content (clout and ad dollars mattered more).

“I attribute my success not due to my writing (my college English instructor, Carole Greene would agree), but to my two plus decades in web, marketing, and the branding field. Plus, I just give a chit” – Greg Taniguchi.
For anybody who failed geography, yea, that is that buffalo wing eating country, the U.S. of A and SoCal is pinned ( was established on April of 2016 in Los Angeles, California).

Technology is ever-changing, so it is imperative to iterate on ways that technology can impact your brand and benefit your operations, marketing, and communications, such as audience engagement, versus relegating yourself to the status quo.

Oishii-desu is one of, if not the largest US-based blogs focused solely on Japanese food and culture.

The start of the pandemic in March of 2020 contributed to that.

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