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In the same spirit as Nisei Week in Los Angeles, which bridged the gap between Issei (1st generation Japanese immigrants) and English speaking Nisei (2nd generation Japanese Americans) to support Little Tokyo businesses, Oishii-Desu has the same aim, but with all entities focused on Japanese food and culture.

With the help of these content partners, Oishii-Desu can provide you content that is fresh-happy-fun-excellent-ichiban because of the direct communication with these companies/brands:

Homies listed in alphabetical order

Photo Description: tours of Japan. Japan tours has several knowledgeable tour guides to take you throughout set cities in Japan.
Photo Description:, Japanese retailers of bento boxes and kitchenware.
Photo Description: or JCK is the leading Japanese online Japanese knife seller.
Photo Description: sells a number of specialty Japanese goods from shoyu, vinegar, ma kombu.
Photo Description:, the leading Canadian retailer. They have 4 stores throughout Canada.
Photo Description:, based out of New York, NY, Korin is a leading knife retailer with a brick and mortar location on top of their online business. They are known for their knife sharpening services.
Photo Description: is a care box subscription box service. They offer up a very exclusive
Photo Description: MTC Kitchen in New York, NY.
Photo Description: Ramen District logo
Photo Description: Seisuke Knife logo out of Portland, OR
Photo Description:, an ecommerce SF Bay Area specializes in American "health food" such as gluten free.
Photo Description: Yamaki katsuobushi based out of the Pacific Northwest, they are one of the few Japanese katsuobushi companies with a U.S. presence.

Who Made The List

Not just companies with a black/grey and red logo (that just happened to be a coincidence).

If you are looking for a company that has amazing service, or a brand to collaborate with, you can not go wrong with these standouts.”

We are in a global market and many other countries are more than happy to fill the digital void that many Japanese companies do not even bother participating in online.

This is nowhere near the amount of companies I have written about or have featured on Oishii-Desu, although the ones listed exemplify the companies that are the easiest and most engaging (some completely ignored any kind of correspondence). How that applies to you, is if you are looking for a company that has amazing service, or a brand to collaborate with, you can not go wrong with these standouts.

More About Nisei Week

Since I referred to Nisei Week, you can find more information on Since I never reached out to the organizers, I am not implying or saying that Nisei Week endorses or is at all related to Oishii-Desu, but you knew that.

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