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The Best (Most Popular) Japanese Subscription Boxes for Snack and Candy by Site Traffic

What better way to know how popular a company is but by their approximate monthly web traffic. Which is what I am going to provide you (tools used typically only by digital marketing/SEO professionals). You can not go wrong if several thousand others are choosing the same subscription box (unless they are lemmings going off a cliff).

Listed below are nine of the most popular Japanese subscription box for candy and snacks by their approximate monthly site traffic based upon a popular web traffic analytics tool. I mean, if that doesn’t tell you how popular a candy subscription box is, I don’t know what would (maybe access to all their financials although they’re not going to divulge that to me).

Photo Description: a manga style pic of a girl laying on a light tan wood floor. She's dressed in a blue jumpsuit, white, socks, and she is surrounded by stuffed animals, pocky, a sketchbook, nintendo, an ipod, potato chips, and CD's, and a few manga books.
That could be you sprawled out in a sugar high.

I Googled “Japanese Candy and Snack Box”

The results are fiercely competitive, and here are the results which start with the ads:,,, although the search results are as follows:

  5. Bokksu

Woah, WTF, “Amazon.” Amazon is now in on it, but from the names “Akibento, Samurai, Ohimesama, Tonosama,” my guess is that these are the mainland China competitors based on the products being from all over Asia (especially Chinese snacks) and their strategy of being strictly on Amazon (what a smart strategy), to working with bloggers/vloggers to promote them for the almighty dollar (common tactic Chinese marketers employ). Except, I will keep to my results strictly to the O.G.’s. which is why I will only focus on the Japanese snacks and candies vs. Chinese and other products (absolutely nothing wrong with those snacks, but Oishii-Desu focuses solely on Japanese food and culture).

The Criteria to Help You Select the Right Subscription Box

You can go through the criteria, or you can just buy the most popular Japanese subscription box. That would be the easiest way although there are so many companies to choose from which is why I am going to provide you with a few stats/data that I use to determine which one I would chose (I won’t tell you which one I personally like, not because I’m trying to be a dick, but just to be fair in this post).

The Ranking Criteria:

  • Product shot courtesy of each snack box company.
  • Approximate monthly site traffic via SimilarWeb.
  • Approximate monthly SEO clicks via SpyFu.
  • Approximate monthly subscription cost.

How could you trust any other top 1-15 Japanese subscription listing when they never bother divulging how they arrived at their ranking?

Photo Description: Tokyo Treat composite which includes imagery of some of the snacks and candies that are part of their subscription box.
Straight out of Tokyo, except these foo’s don’t have any attitude.

The 9 Most Popular Japanese Subscription Boxes Based on Web Traffic as of Sept 2020

UPDATED: The original order was the initial ranking for site traffic although the follow-up is the estimated site traffic stats as noted on 9/21/2020.

1. Tokyo Treat

Ayumi is the founder of the website/business, and she is operating out of Tokyo with her crew in Japan. So that backdrop of Tokyo Tower or high school girls are not photoshopped, they’re the real thing.

  • Instagram/TokyoTreat (292k followers)
  • 438,601 approximate monthly visits.
  • 20.6k est monthly SEO clicks, #2 IN SITE TRAFFIC AS OF SEPT 2020
  • Prices range from $15-35 a month.

3-monthly plans

Photo Description: Japan Crate composite which includes imagery of some of the toys and collectibles as part of one of their subscription boxes.
Team Murica out of the Bay Area.

2. Japan Crate

Established in 2014, Hank Rao is the founder, and they are based out of the SF Bay Area. He and his team not only run Japan Crate, but several sub-brands which include Doki Doki (kawaii care package), Umai Crate (udon, yakisoba, spaghetti, soba, ramen, and more), and Sugoi Crate (cool stuff like Gundam figures to a Link hoodie).

3-monthly plans

Mini Original Premium
5-items 10-items 15 items and they claim this is the “best value!”
$12 a month $25 a month $30 a month
Photo Description: the image is an example of Bokksu's "November '19 Autumn in Kyoto snack and tea box" which is a composite image that includes snacks as part of their subscription box.
When Asian folk do a subscription box, it just feels Asian.

3. Bokksu

Founder Danny Taing and his team are the only box that includes a tea pairing specifically selected to complement that month’s delicacies. Not only that, it appears based on site traffic for the month of Sept. 2020, it is also the top Japanese snack and candy box subscription.

  • (102k)
  • 116,686 approximate monthly visits.
  • 46.6k est monthly SEO clicks, #1 IN SITE TRAFFIC AS OF SEPT 2020 (Well here you go, the most popular Japanese subscription box).
  • Prices range from $16 to $39 a month.

Classic Bokksu (18-20+)

Per month
3 months
6 months
12 months

Tasting Bokksu (8-10)

Per month
3 months
6 months
12 months
Photo Description: Umami Box by NihonBox is a French company based in Europe. The composite images consists of a yellow box (packaging), along with several candies from KitKats to Pocky which is a a lot of the most popular Japanese snacks and candies.
It’s cool that the Europeans are in on the subscription box game.

4. Umai Box

A French company (based in Europe), NihonBox and UmaiBox specialize in candy and snacks. The subscription service is available in English (German and French), but the blog is only in French. Beyond that, you’ll have to dig to find out anything else about the people or where they’re based out of, and the thing you might come to realize at the very least is that they do have the most popular Japanese snacks and candies.

3-monthly plans

$21.49 a month$20.69 a month$19.99 a month
Photo Description: Japan Candy Box is a also a composite with the text "fun & tasty snacks from Japan!" The candies and snacks depicted consist of Meiji, Pocky, to packaging with Mario from Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers. Overall, the pastel purple, and light yellow and blue give a whimsical look and feel to the image.
If I expect cool, I expect HK and Taiwan to be up on everything, and this Hong Kong based company are letting me down.

5. Japan Candy Box

Established in 2002, the Kawaii Group out of Hong Kong has been doing this for quite some time, so they’re not noobs to the game. Their motto is “even the smallest amount of cuteness can provide a huge boost of joy and happiness to your everyday life. Just remember to stay kawaii!”

4-monthly plans

1-month 3-months 6-months 1 year
a month
a month
a month
(most popular)
a month
Photo Description: My Japan Box has a very simple featured image which is a black and white image with Japan's iconic Red Sun and a fan illustration slightly overlapping the bottom half of the sun.
A worldwide multi-talented agency…. says it all (or does it).

6. My Japan Box

Who is behind Japan Box, BMedia, “a worldwide multi-talented agency.” Also in their words “happy combination of multiple skills, BMedia was born from the desire to efficiently mix them all. To us, branding, marketing, trading, advertising, networking or management are obviously connected, and so are our many services. Whether you pick one up or ask for global support, our long-experienced international team will harmoniously work in synergy.”

One monthly plan

The boxes range from as little as $25 a month to $59
Photo Description: Snakku has a very elegant looking image with a very sophisticated looking traditional Japanese snacks with the text "Japanese snack subscription, and Discover snacks you can only get in Japan."
For you sophisticated types although I once saw the founder go on a rant against his competitors which didn’t seem so sophisticated (I guess that’s his East Coast side).

7. Snakku

Shigeki is the founder of Snakku, and he was born in Tokyo, Japan although he grew up in NYC, so if you see him throwing shade on his blog about competitors, forgettaboutit.

  • (18.9k)
  • 9,443 approximate monthly visits.
  • SpyFu: 3.96k est monthly SEO clicks, #6 IN SITE TRAFFIC AS OF SEPT 2020
  • Prices range from $16.95 to 38.95 a month.

3-plans and a tasting box

1-month 3-month subscription 6-month subscription Tasting Box (U.S. Customers only)
free shipping in the U.S. free shipping in the U.S. free shipping in the U.S. free shipping in the U.S.
$38.95 $38.50 $37.95 $15.75
Photo Description: Wow Box has an image of several candies and Japanese snacks which look like a cracker, a cookie, to products that look like a biscuit (I need to google the difference between a biscuit and a cookie) with the text ranging from Miyako Monaka to Hori.

8. Wow Box

Nothing about who they are other than them being Wow/Now, Inc., along with them being another Japanese snack and subscription box.

  • (7,941)
  • 8,553 Approximate Monthly Visits.
  • 105 est monthly SEO clicks, #9 IN SITE TRAFFIC AS OF SEPT 2020
  • Prices starting from $19.99 a month.

A trial to 2-monthly plans

“try it”7-9 items9-11 items
$19.99 trial$24.99 a month$34.99 a month
Photo Description: Candy Japan uses an illustration that dipicts Kit Kats, Pocky, to a number of Japanese looking snacks and candies.
How could you not support a family run operation which is why they also rank 4th in site traffic.

9. Candy Japan

The service was started by a Japanese-Finnish family living in Tokushima, Japan (how we met). It has been running for over 5 years already. We are transparent about figures such as revenue, expenses, member count etc. and publish these in our business blog (EDITOR: I take back saying that I couldn’t ask for the financials because Candy Japan obviously has no issue doing that).

  • (N/A)
  • 7,979 approximate monthly visits.
  • 10.3k est monthly SEO clicks, #4 IN SITE TRAFFIC AS OF SEPT 2020
  • Prices starting from $12.95 a month.

2-4 Items per month, two times a month

$29 month 
(2 shipments per month) Each shipment containing 2-4 items, depending upon the size of the items. To subscribe, there’s an authentication process in which you need a validate your email address (only 2-steps).

Sidenote: Originally this list had 10 companies listed, but Skoshbox in their own words was the “original monthly service for snacks and candy from Japan” unfortunately shutdown as of April 25th, 2018.

Conclusion (Better Than Throwing a Dart to Choose)

Hopefully based on the data above, you were able to determine which Japanese subscription box for candy and snacks was best for you although at the very least, now know you which one is the most popular simply based on website traffic. That doesn’t necessarily equate it to being the best, but hey, it’s a good start when they all seem to be so closely on par with each other.

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I remember boxes and subscription services being all the rage last year–okay, rage is perhaps the wrong word, but lots of bloggers and vloggers were reviewing them–big marketing push I assume.
I hadn’t heard about any of them recently. Glad you’re on top of it. I have always liked the idea, just never found one that was perfect for me–though I have some ideas that could help some companies move out their dead stock.

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