Fukano Rice Whisky, a Whisky for Whisky Anorachs

Try to Google “Anorach” and you just might get Google wondering if you’re trying to find an “anorak.” For the record, maybe (a warm parka and a dram of whisky sounds like an enticing combo)

An anorak is a hooded parka with a faux fur (originally seal and caribou), but unlike an anorak, there’s nothing faux about Linh D’ohhhh, the whisky passionista and Instagrammer “Whisky Anorach.

“Any person (almost always male) with an obsessive or excessively enthusiastic interest, particularly one involving the collection of supposedly trivial information or ephemera e.g. model trains, stamps, computers, Internet; Eddie Stobart lorry names!! (you know the type).”

Photo Description: Linh aka Whisky Anorach sitting on her bed looking fancy and sipping whisky.

If you want to gift a Linh a custom tailored anorak, her measurements are 24″ (an ‘a-cup’) with a 31″ belly.
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Clearly not a male, but she is a hardcore anorach.

Fukano 6000 rice whisky

Fukano knows who to align themselves with because they sought out Linh to design their label for their Whisky 6000 bottling. Not only is the label cool, but it’s just too cool to have a company like Fukano work with a local artist like Linh who brings a ton of passion and hard-hugging to the table.

Photo Description: a bottle of Fukano 6000 designed by Linh.
 Guess where this is at, if you guessed Ecyor, you’re right.
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Fukano 6000: flavor is composed of vanilla and subtle undertones of orange zest . I must admit that when I first sampled I thought it was too sweet, but sampling it again I got some orange cream here, and I thought that was yummy. I wonder if the sample I had was still very new. I hear from people in the industry who say that once you bottle it, the whisky goes through bottle shock and the flavors change . So, at the end of the day blenders use intuition and instincts to make the final decision in blending their products. Fukano Jikan is more oak-forward than the Fukano 6000; I like that there’s a balance of oak and sweetness in that one. As far as the Fukano 6000, if you let it sit for over 20 minutes the sweetness dies down and it becomes more nutty. So, I prefer letting it sit out for a bit as opposed to sipping it right away. Fukano Vault Reserve 1 offers more pralines and brown sugar notes. I would say out of the 4 new releases from them (Jikan, 6000, Vault Reserve 1, and Vault Reserve 2) both the 6000 and Vault 1 are on the sweet spectrum than the others. Anyway, they’re available at @eversonroyce 😊” – WhiskyAnorach.

750 ml, 40.4% abv

Photo Description: the artwork for the Fukano 6000 whisky bottle.
While you were out doodling on bar napkins, Linh Do was anoraching. 
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About WhiskyAnorach: “Her reviews reference classical music and literature. She has crafted whisky themed dresses and multiple prints inspired by different types of whisky.”

– Fukano Whisky

‘Fukano 6000 is the future of whisky with retro flavors. The artist, Whisky Anorach has gained a reputation as the personality that links whisky with art and fashion. Her reviews reference classical music and literature. She has crafted whisky themed dresses and multiple prints inspired by different types of whisky. In her own words she is a white belt in hard-hugging joy-jitsu and a blackbelt in verbal assassination. She also likes to create art inspired by whisky”. – Fukano Whisky

Only 1,200 bottles are produced globally.

Retail price: $85.00

Photo Description: some of Linh's artwork from her dresses to illustrations.
Linh’s casual wear that she wears to do her joy-jitsu in. 
Image by WhiskyAnorach ©2018 Copyright 

About the Fukano Distillery

Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, Japan.Founded in 1823, Fukano Distillery is located in Hitoyoshi City, of the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan on the island of Kyushu. Hitoyoshi is surrounded by mountains and is known for its pure water and nature. Shigeruriku Fukano is the fifth generation of his family to run the distillery. They use a combination of malted and un-malted rice to make their whisky in a pot still. These releases are very limited in nature and only a few casks are bottled each year. For 2016 they have released a few single new oak casks and also one white label marriage of sherry and new oak casks

Fukano is not alone

Two of the rice whisky brands that are often compared with one another are Fukano and Ohishi whisky.

Photo Description: the Fukano product lineup.

Fukano and Ohishi whisky bottles.
Source: Vendors

Where can you try Fukano at:

Where to buy Fukano:

This appears to be the U.S. importer: www.grcimports.com

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