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The Perfect Way to Learn the Different Cuts of Meat of Cow, Pig, Tuna, to a Chicken (Along with a Ton of Candy to Buy)

It is a Japanese related company, so I initially read “pantry” as “panties,” and I did not even blink an eye at it. #sukebe

There seems to be a number of monthly subscription services for Japanese candy and snacks, but has a new site where you can freely shop and buy items per item and whenever you want or are in need, nice.

Photo Description: Pantry graphic.

Feel free to peruse through the pantry drawer.

Photo Description: Sugoi Mart by Japan Crate logo.

It seems like such a common sense ecommerce site to have, but there are only a few like it that I know of which is also why I am doing a dedicated post about

Photo Description: "Sakura Collection" is a pink graphic with cherry blossoms with several products with "sakura" themed products from Caramel Corn, Lipton tea, latte, Starbucks, to Pocky.
Yum flower taste, and they have a full spread.

Up front, I was not a big fan of JapanCrate, but I liked the basic correspondence I had with their SugoiMart rep (CG) which was enough for me to change my tune…. oh not to mention some free KitKats (I’m so easily bought if I like you/your company).

Photo Description: candy graphic

If only scratch and sniff online technology existed.

Photo Description: toys graphic

Now, you might see “toys” and think it’s for kids, but tell me how you could you not want these so called toys?


Photo Description: I really want this, it's a of a plastic chicken with all the varying cuts of the chicken.
$30, the ultimate gift for yakitaori ya lovers.

If you’re in the food industry, or you know anybody that is, this would make a great gift (I should also say not only for chefs, but foodies, and bloggers too).

Photo Description: this plastic cow has all the various cuts of a cow.
$24 for yakiniku lovers.

I just love how it’s a “toy,” yet it’s a toy that you can learn from. That is so Japanese, and it reminds me of the “entertainment” program I watched in Tokyo about benpi (constipation) and yes, I was quite entertained.

Photo Description: all the various cuts of a pig.
$24 for tonkotsu ramen lovers.

More people ought to learn their pig, cow, tuna, and chicken parts vs. calling everything “meat, meat, meat, and icky parts.”

Photo Description: all the various cuts of a tuna.
$24 for that neighborhood sushi chef of yours.

Instead of feeding your sushi chef beers and sake that is slowly killing their liver and driving record, try getting them this tuna to butter them up.


Photo Description: the bribery I tool from Japan Crate for posting this content although I really want the "toys." (one bag of dark chocolate KitKats).
I feel like a ho for taking free product worth probably a buck or tow.


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