“Expert of Noodle Making” Taisei Kikai Kogyo (Goodluck Buying a Machine from Them)

When I read “expert of noodle making, ” I know it is the same as the type of dude who touts he is an “expert of love making.”

Right off, seeing the Taisei Kikai Kogyo (TKK) website, I now have an overall good impression of Japanese noodle machine manufacturers. Because of these two, Yamato and Taisei, they both have solid websites, which cater to English speakers without a ton of Engrish (“is a slang term for the misuse or corruption of the English language by native speakers of Japanese”).

I reached out to Taisei about purchasing and pricing information, but I got not response, although my intent of this post was to make that information available to all of you.

You have got to love that if you are looking for a noodle machine, these manufacturers cater to you, although I am intent on seeing how hard it is to get some questions answered not posted on their website.

Photo Description: Noodle making machine churning ramen noodle flour in the mixer. An operator's hands can be seen guiding the flour.
You’re not going to want to snort that powder, but the lines you will be producing will be worth it’s weight in gold.

“Ramen, Soba, Udon”

First thing I think of when I’m on the Taisei website is what makes Taisei an expert, so I here is what I found out. Oh, before I go forward, I should probably state that I only came across Taisei because I saw it being used by the Rajuku Ramen school in Japan.

Taisei is no spring chicken because they were established in 1970, so they have been going at it for nearly a half century of producing noodles and manufacturing machines for ramen, soba, and udon.

Photo Description: a roll of dough is being rolled out.
This sure beats all the frozen and freezer burned noodles that food distributors are trying hustle on the streets in your city.

About Taisei, the Noodle Machine Manufacturer

Not a whole lot about them, but more like the basic 411 on them which is that they are located North of Tokyo, and they are a smaller company who have been in business since the 1970’s.

Company NameTaisei Kikai Kogyo, LTD.
LocationChiba Prefecture Noda City Sekijuku Motomachi 110
Phone Number04-7196-1657
Representative Director and PresidentNoboru Tomizawa
Number of Employees10 people
Business focusGeneral machinery and equipment manufacturer

Product Offerings

The primary reason I do these posts is because most of the site manufacturers product information is usually sparse and limited which is why I have to contact the manufacturer for more information.

Type No.15kg mixerSingle-phase: 100V, 200W 3-phase:200V, 200W
Type No.28kg mixerSingle-phase: 100V, 400W 3-phase:200V, 400W
Type No.2 (with conveyor)8kg mixerSingle-phase: 100V, 400W 3-phase:200V, 400W
Type No.2 (with automatic powder diffusion machine)8kg mixerSingle-phase: 100V, 400W 3-phase:200V, 400W
Type No.2 (dumpling skin manufacturing set)8kg mixerSingle-phase: 100V, 400W 3-phase: 200V, 400W
Type No.313kg mixer3-phase: 200V, 1.2KW
Type No.3 (dumpling skin manufacturing set)13kg mixer3-phase: 200V, 1.2KW
Type No.2 (dumpling skin manufacturing set)8kg mixerSingle-phase:100V, 400W 3-phase: 200V, 400W

It’s great that TKK has provided individual product imagery for each variation of their product models, but I’m still not sure how much of the variations matter. Not only how much it matters in regards to performance, but how these variations impact the cost/price.

Do You Need a Noodle Machine?

Most of the websites are out to market the value of a noodle machine, but one of the simplest things they all do not do is qualify who should buy one, home cooks, or large production facilities?

If they all simply stated an approximated cost, it would allow most people to determine if they should even consider a noodle machine because right off, I assume that only a medium to a large-sized company with a massive capacity is the only types that could benefit or afford one.

Hopefully I can get Taisei to respond to the *questions:

  • How much?
  • How difficult is it to operate/learn to operate their machines?
  • How do I go about purchasing the product and how long does it take to get.

*I will be posting this post prior to having the questions answered, so that I can provide TKK the post for them to collaborate with it on.

Where to Buy

Just like the product information, when it comes to purchasing the product, they provide absolutely no information on how to purchase it. So everything you are reading/seeing on this page is because I had to reach out to TKK for the information.

Taisei Kikai Kogyo

Chiba Prefecture Noda City
Sekijuku Motomachi 110

Tel: 04-7196-1657

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