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Updated on March 18th, 2021

I knew I would be fighting for people’s attention, and I would be way down on the list of people’s cares. Knowing that, I provide long-form content with quick blurbs for quick browsing.

Especially when compared to the endless amounts of cat/dog videos to the narcissistic content on TikTok/Snapchat, the filtered selfies, and HDR’d food pics on Instagram, to vloggers, thinking you enjoy watching them eat. Luckily for me, Oishii Desu has been able to steal away a few minutes of your day to fill it with a variety of topics regarding Japanese American and Japanese food and culture.

19.4K and 25.8K, Unique/Visitors, Nov, ’21
26.3K and 34.7K, Unique/Visitors, Dec, ’21
28.9K and 39.8K, Unique/Visitors, Jan, ’22

Updated: December 2021

In April 2020, due to the pandemic, I shut down my restaurant pop-ups and devoted more time to Oishii-Desu. It is still a part-time project, next to all my other projects 303 Night Market, including my investing (my Apple stock has a return of 2,449%, Google 1069%), but I plan on committing more time to it. ranks #1 for several highly sought after keywords (along with appearing on the 1st page of SERPs).

Photo Description: web traffic of Oishii Desu from April of 2016 to June 8th 2021.
From the start to June 8th, 2021.

The legacy and mainstream media have their objectives, and they are not always producing content culturally aware content.

Photo Description: the text is white on a red background that says "Thank you for making one of the highest trafficked websites for Japanese food and culture in the United States." was established in April 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

I have been on a mission to put the emphasis back on the cultures that food represents versus doing anything and everything solely for the likes or to make a buck.

The content produced on Oishii-Desu is not driven by a bias towards being an Amazon affiliate.

A little over 4 years later doing blogging on the side, I never thought I would get to this point where the blog would be getting the amount of traffic it does, but it does, and I’m grateful to all of you. Thank you.

Photo Description: site traffic via WordPress analytics from April 2016 till March 1st, 2021.
Started from the bottom, now we here, March 1st, 2021

The Data Below is Based Upon Google Analytics (Site Traffic)

“13% of local businesses receive fewer than 100 users to their sites each month. 55% receive fewer than 500”

500 monthly visits breaks down to only about 17 visitors per day (as opposed to several to tens of thousands).

Oishii-Desu Site Traffic In the Last Month

*Data used is from the periods of January 2 to January 31, 2021. vs. January10-February 8th 2021

11.8K-13K Users
13.4K-15.5K Sessions
11.7K-12.9K New Users
32.7-34K Page Views
2.44-2.2 Pages/Session
25-34 Top Age by Users

Site traffic has been increasing (+6.91%) every week with no paid ads.

Site Traffic Compared To Other Websites:

Here are a few sites you might be familiar with
(unlike the previous figures I provided, these are only approximated figures):
(5.48K – 7.16K)
(9.45K – 13K)
(6.05K – 5.45K)
(2.07K – 4.44K)
(4.26K – 6.62K)
(3.0K – 10.2K)
(29K – 30K)
(9.22K – 15.7K)
Photo Description: "Local businesses attract 414 monthly users and 506 sessions on their website on average. -"

In the Last 6-Months (183 Days), the Top Countries by Users Are:

By Country
United States (74.8%)
Canada (4.1%)
Australia (2.8%)
United Kingdom (1.9%)
Japan (1.8%)
Photo Description: world map depicting the site traffic on by country. The bulk of it is in the United States.
According to this graphic, I got Alaska covered although it’s all about the U.S. (78.11% for the month of Feb of 2021).

In the last year, the top 3 countries are the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

By City
Los Angeles
(not set)
New York
San Francisco
San Diego

I didn’t expect to see Lowell, and I had to look up what state the city is located in since Google only provides a blue dot. Well, it turns out that it is in Massachusetts. A city with the second-largest Cambodian-American population and is home to UMass Lowell and Middlesex Community College (MCC).

Photo Description: the text says "The continued goal of is to promote Japanese food and culture in the United States."
If I don’t do what I do, you will have to rely on some douche hyping Sushi by Bou as “the world’s smallest sushi restaurant (yea, Japan has no small restaurants #sarcasm).”

As of Nov 30th, 2021, the average view duration is 5m 23s (the industry average is 65 seconds).

Photo Description: a simple graphic of the average time on page by Google analytics. The avg. time displayed is 4:02.
I focus on long-form content although a lot of people “don’t got time for that” which is why I am also striving to drive down “avg. time on page” because the objective is to be effective at communicating, not an arbitrary metric. Data is from March 7th-13th, 2021.
Photo Description: green round icon with a checkmark.
Easily understood iconography
Photo Description: red round icon with a an "X."
Icons that give you visual warning.

The use of basic iconography is being used to allow visitors to quickly scroll through content to get the gist of the information visually (optimized for the visually impaired/color blind).

About Oishii Desu

Oishii Desu is primarily blog-based with a digital presence on Instagram although the focus is on and working with individuals, companies, and entities involved in the Japanese American community and Japanese food and culture.

Oishii Desu is founded and written by Greg Taniguchi.

Mission Statement

To highlight and to empower the Japanese American community and Japanese-centric businesses on the West Coast which I do through the education and promotion of the food and, most importantly, the culture.

Vision Statement

My vision is to promote the Japanese American experience amongst the many ethnicities that make up the patchwork of American culture. I plan on doing that by not only being instrumental in the promotion but also the development and growth of the community, including the businesses within it.

Outreach will by done through traditional techniques while also embracing technologies such as the web.

Whatever the future holds, I intend to be diligently reaching out to and finding new ways to communicate and engage existing and new generations of Americans.

I Turn Down Free Products, but I Do Not Turn Down Drinks (Especially if You’re Paying)

My Favorite Nation, “Donation”

Everything I do relating to Oishii-Desu, and the things you do not see such as assisting businesses, I do for free (yea, I know, that’s the value I deliver). So, if you are feeling generous, for the price of a coffee or about the cost of a cheap 6-pack (I’m not bougie), you can make my day.


I will guilt you by thanking you in advance


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