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Harlem, NY: From Incidents of Asian Hate to 1k Servings of Japanese Curry at No Cost To Create Goodwill

Your Stomach Loves Us (YSLU) is a non-profit initiative created due to the violence towards the AAPI community.

YSLU x Go!Go! Curry! Giveaway:

  • August 15-16 (Sunday and Monday), doors open at 12pm
  • Go!Go! Curry!, 567 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027 (Harlem)
  • This is a no cost event and we are producing 500 servings per day (1,000k over two days).
  • We are providing a medium sized Go!Go! Curry chicken cutlet (katsu). The retail price is regularly $12.95 and also includes rice and sliced cabbage.

Additional Details:

  • We were 1 of only 4 awarded $5,000 by GoFundme. The award was presented to us when we spoke with the company and CEO via Zoom.
  • The money raised on GoFundMe was primarily from our friends and colleagues (even an ex-girlfriend) which also includes filmmakers/documentarians to people in the food/restaurant industry. 
  • YSLU was started by a 4th-generation Japanese American out of Los Angeles/Denver, and a 2nd generation Filipino American in New York city.
  • We are working with industry veterans in food events. Our volunteers have a tremendous amount of experience running food film festivals in New York.

Press Release and Imagery: 

Our Event Collaborator

Contact Information 
Greg Taniguchi
Your Stomach Loves Us

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