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500K Views, Woo Hoo (Thank You!)

I do not like posting this sort of crap because if you have Asian parents, nothing is ever good enough.

Bobby Lee, the comedian, got no support from his family, and when his family saw him on the Jay Leno show, his dad asked, “how much did you have to pay him to be on the show.”

“Good job” is something I never heard growing up, so I did not want to do this post although I want to do it for my own personal records.

Also, in January 28.9K and 39.8K Unique/Visitors

I would like to THANK EVERYBODY who reads my blog and has donated money (I will be listing all of you on my supporters page).

During the pandemic lockdown, I worked on my blog because I was told by a recruiter for a contract position that I did not have “digital/content marketing/SEO” experience because I was a Marketing Director. #SMH

Next Stop, 1-Million (Aiming For 8-months to a Year)

I only do this because it is part of my objective to positively impact the food and culture in the US because most for profit businesses can not be trusted to do this.

“Over 50% of Local Business Websites Receive Less Than 500 Visits Per Month”

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