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Top 5 Japanese Snack and Candy Subscription Boxes (the ADHD version)

Imagine a life where $12-$35 can feed a needy mouth (yours) with an assortment of Japanese candies and snacks each month.

The “TOP 5” Short Attention Span Version


The Long and the Short of It

This version is for the readers that are all pumped up on sugar already because it’s the short attention span version. The long list is for when you come down from your sugar rush which has more detailed information  (unless you go HAM and get all five, than it doesn’t matter which list you look at).

1 Japan Candy Box


Regardless if their parent company (Kawaii Group) is based out of Hong Kong, it doesn’t seem as though they have had any issue with building a fan base here in the U.S. and around the world.


2 Japan Crate

Based out of the SF Bay Area, so they seem to have a very visible presence in not only the U.S. market but also globally. Domestically expect to see them in a lot of places including their involvement with their partnerships with Crunchyroll which has had involvement with the Anime Expo.


3 Skosh Box


A very straightforward looking website, but one of the few sites with a comprehensive catalogue of the many items they package in with their boxes. They also tout that they were the original monthly box service for candy from Japan.


4 Snakku

If you’re out to impress somebody with sophisticated tastes, and they’re into traditional Japanese snacks, this is the one you’ll want to get them. To top everything off, their packaging comes with a reusable furoshiki.


5 Tokyo Treat

Headquartered out of Tokyo, Japan, they have a slight advantage over the others by offering seasonal boxes to special or limited editions products. Also, being in Japan does not prevent them from staying connected with the market because they often run promo’s and contests for the community to participate in.


Honorable mention

Wow Box:Wavey, gravy, bold pac-man like graphics, and they offer four different box variations from “fun & tasty”, “kawaii & beauty”, “new & unlimited”, to “dagashi”.
• “Shut up and take my money” link to buy

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