Mitsuwa Torrance and Costa Mesa Image Gallery

Mitsuwa Costa Mesa Location

This is the location I typically go to, so I know that if you go at certain times like lunch, you just might not find a parking space (I got my secret spots, but I won’t disclose those).


There’s certain staff here that are cool as hell here, like the girl with  the cowboy hat and the grill guy.

Tsukasa gyutan is one of my favorite businesses in the Mitsuwa food court.

What is busier, the market or the food court. My guess is the food court is the biggest draw.
Unlike the American markets, they have not replaced everybody with self check-out.
Want a cheap meal, this is your spot.
One of the bigger Shiseido locations
I’d say that Santouka Ramen has got to be the most popular spot in the Mitsuwa food court.
This are has been going through some changes lately.

Mitsuwa Torrance Location

This location is a lot bigger than the Costa Mesa location, and I like this one because they aren’t short of parking space.

Mitsuwa Corporate Information

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