Iwayama Sushi, Colorado’s Bro Sushi Bar, Bro

My first impressions of Iwayama Sushi, Bro.

I just happened to come in on a night where the front of the house bro’s were very involved watching dudes in tight pants chasing and running around after a ball.

Photo Description: a shot of the pitcher of Sapporo beer.
I’m glad butt chugging is not frowned upon here.

I drove over a half-hour to come here because I will drive for food, and my body was craving the nutrients it craves which is beer, especially Sapporo when it comes to mainstream Japanese beer.

Photo Description: the menu highlighting "da steak" to the other Hawaiian dishes/offerings.
Eh, brah, you going to eat da steak, it’s ono. haha… yea none of that 808 accent here, just bro’ness.

Hawaiian to Japanese Food Items

I wonder if they prepare the kalua pork in-house here (I doubt it)? I assume that because even my favorite dish, lau lau is usually from either Keoki’s or Ono which is fully cooked and frozen. They’re just waiting for you to order it, so that they can defrost it for you.

Photo Description: A close up of the Hawaiian style plates.
Okay brah, this is the sort of menu that is more Hawaiian than 95% of the “poke” (pooky) places that have been opening throughout the mainland.

Was really tempted to do the loco moco, but I had to get some sushi because I had been craving it. I can’t deny my cravings.

Photo Description: Yup, that is their sushi, from saba, anago to a few rolls (spicy tuna).
They got some legit sushi chefs here, and the guy I sat in front of, I think he said he was  Malaysian, and a car enthusiast, so that was cool. The dude who prepared my order looked like some HB bro, and he killed it with the sushi preparation 🤙

The Sushi Chefs, Bro

When it comes to preparation, they’re not slackers here although when it comes to the quality of ingredients and their sushi rice, it was less than ideal. The worst being the sushi rice which was old, dry, hard, and barely seasoned (shari su). My guess is that they just weren’t feeling it that day.

Photo Description: a close up of the hard rolls (hard old rice that they served up).
I don’t typically order rolls, but I had to toss an easy one at them since I went with a hail Mary play by ordering anago (saltwater eel) and saba (mackerel). Probably two of the least liked, ordered, and known items in Colorado.

Calling it Early on a Saturday Night in the Burbs

Even though I was here at 7:00pm on a Saturday, being in the burbs, the place had cleared out by 8:00pm. I’m sure that was good for the staff because they probably all had a beer bong waiting for them after work with their name on it.

Photo Description: Maneki Neko, two of them. One giant white one and they had a little one that with speckles.
These cats are called “maneki neko,” and they’re supposed to be beckon in business. Except here, I’m sure they’re used to create luck for their fantasy football picks.

After the lackluster sushi, I decided to double down on the beer because alcohol never fails me even though I was really tempted to order the loco moco.

Photo Description: a close up of the nigiri sushi with the grated ginger and negi (green onions) and the anago in the background.
If only “HB bro” had good quality ingredients to work with, this would have been good.

Bro, An Off Day or Business as Usual?

I’m going to dismiss my first visit as a foul, and hopefully I’ll get myself to try them again because if you look over the pics on Google places, I really think I went on an off day?

Photo Description: I had to do it and test it out, I tried their spam roll.
brooooo!, if this were bro food, it’d be a pizza that you found after a day or two later under a sofa cushion….bro, that’s not cool, bro.

I drove the distance to hang out with the bro’s here because the bro’s here looked like they could really throw down. The vast majority of their food looks legit without loads of Kewpie and eel sauce jizz.


A kitchen staff that seems like they can really throw down on a good day (those pics were from 2014-2016, hopefully there wasn’t a change of ownership?)


Billionaires and their damn sports teams distracting the staff of businesses with their dudes in tight pants running around chasing balls.

Bro’Iwayama Sushi

Foothill Green Shopping Center
5500 S Simms St
Littleton, CO 80127

(303) 948-1199
Tues-Sat: 11am-2:30pm, 4:30-9:00pm, Sun: Closed, Mon: 4:30pm-9pm


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