Shunji Japanese Cuisine, L.A., the 5th Anniversary Celebration of So Much Winning

I have no clout, but luckily I knew somebody who did (Matsuki’san), and he was able to get us in for Shunji’s 5th year anniversary.

As far as restaurants go, Shunji’s has got to be in the top five or three in Los Angeles. If you want to know what I mean, skip to the bottom to see the countless accolades and media coverage Shunji has received over the last 5-years.

Shunji is a Michelin Star sushi restaurant that was located in Los Angeles, but in 2020 moved to 3003 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica

These pics were shot at their old location in the iconic Chili Bowl.
Shunji “Japanese cuisine,” so don’t expect just sushi.

I should point out that this visit happened waaaaaaaaaay back on Thursday, March 16th of 2017 (I’m a little late in posting).

We went really early before it got too busy.
Itadakimasu (the meaning is rooted in Buddhism which is said as an appreciation for the food you’re about to eat)

I think I didn’t post because I drank to the point that I didn’t take the notes I needed to write up a useful post, but hey at least there’s some good pics to look at.

Ok, dig in, let’s eat (that saying is rooted in, I’m hongry, and I need to eat).

If you’re not familiar with LA, Shunji is located on Pico Blvd in West LA which is only about 7 minutes away from the Sawtelle Little Tokyo neighborhood.

This looks to be like something in a cup (you’re welcome for my insightful descriptions).
Owner and chef Shunji Nakao

We were lucky enough to be able to be sat directly in front of Nakao’san.

If you’re mindful enough, you will pause to take in the beauty of the plating, so that you can decide how to take a truly Instagrammable worthy pic. #IGworthy
Yes, the one thing I can recognize is the hotaru ika or firefly squid with what is most likely sumiso (vinegared “su” miso).
Round orangish yellow orb inside of a square.
Mushrooms of sorts in a dashi of sorts.
Exactly what you think it is.
Uni (sea urchin gonads) paired up with artichoke, and I think that is nori no tsukudani (I grew up eating this).

Uni is one ingredient I love to try the different ways in which it is prepared or paired, but I just realized how I haven’t had nori no tsukudani in years (I miss it)!

Sashimi on a really big cool looking plate.
It looks like hon-maguro, kanpachi, and a couple other shiromi.
I wonder if I ate this flower, I may never know.
This is a signature dish, it’s the tomato tofu
Cooked fish with a dashi and yellow and red pepper.

Many of the flavors are very Japanese which are very subtle or in the umami realm (savory).

Squid with squid ink, uni, and a truffle “shuffle” with a quail egg.
The standout here is the sushi shari (rice).
Kinmedai or “golden eye snapper” is also known as “splendid alfonsino” (I’d want to name my kid that).
Awwww yes, nigiri sushi….. with Gandalf’s staff laying on top of it.
Hmmmmm, it looks as though Nakao’san is slicing things.
Couldn’t help but notice the Bvlgari Diagono? watch.
Somewhat of a close up shot.
Except I like things all up in my face, so here’s an even closer shot to take in the sushi shari (rice).
One of Nakao’sans favorite knives is an 8-inch deba filleting knife by Nenohi that he got from his dad as a gift prior to coming to the United States.
More slicing.
That looks like kanpachi.
Exactly what I thought it was.
Katsuo? (bonito)

How did I do with my descriptions?

The interior is very nice, but it’s even cooler to know that this building had been around since the late 1930’s.

I tend to drink when I eat, so my bill was well over $200 although if you are not a drinker, it’ll be sub 200.

I had to include this picture because it’s a pic of the exterior from of when it was a Chili Bowl chain of restaurants. Photo by Herman Schultheis

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Shunji Japanese Cuisine

12244 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 826-4737
Tues-Fri: 12-2:00pm, 6:00-10:00pm, Sat: 6-10:30pm, Sun-Mon: closed


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