Gyu-Kaku Has One of the Best Lunch Specials in LoDo, if Not the BEST’ESS’ESS’SESSS

For less than $20, here’s your chance to experience grilled meat, veggies, and seafood in all it’s glori’ousss’ness’nessss.

Not bragging, but yea, I have been to Gyu-kaku (gyoo-ka-koo) a number of times for dinner, but I had never been to Gyu-kaku for lunch because I’m guessing lunch hours is a new thing? (I could have researched it, but naaaawwww).

Photo description: the menu spread open, it's a colorful menu composed of light and dark blues with hues of orange. The items and products are listed from 12.95 to 16.95 for their lunch specials.
$4 more is all that stops you from full lunch gluttony (sucks there’s no gyutan).

Before I get into the details, I have to thank all of you for using my promo code (below) which basically has allowed me a free lunch, dinner, linner, and a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th meal (I really do appreciate it).

2 item, 3 item, or Go Full Fatass

A plethora of combos, value sets, add-ons, upgrades, etc. awaits you at Gyu-kaku.

The Lunch Combos:

Photo description: 2 bbq items for $12.95
Photo description: 3 bbq items for $16.95
Photo description: peaking over the high back seats where I can make out the Gyu-kaku logo in the background.
I took this pic, so when you’re sitting at your office computer you can pretend to be me.

Give that Tupperware a break and go out for lunch every once in a while.

Photo description: I opted for 2 bbq items for $12.95, +2 for veggies.
The lunch combo and a $2 add-on.

I went partial fatass with 2 grilled items and my 3rd item being a vegetable because vegetables are good (I have no problem eating my daily requirement of vegetables).

Photo description: the built in grill which is at the center of the table.
My burning ring of fire.

Yes, you have to cook it yourself, but if you can handle a grill and meat, you’re in for a good meal. If you can’t, invite me, I’ll grill for you, and all I require is endless pitchers of beer….and love and hugs.

Photo description: the booth with 8-1/2x11's of full color printouts plastered on the wall which includes safety tips to top 5 drinks.
If spilling hot coffee on you conjures up ideas of a lawsuit, that “safety first” signage is for you.

That’s so Japanese to see specials plastered all over the place.

When in a’Muuuuurica You Serve Soup and Salad

Don’t worry, there’s no live octopus that you’re required to kill yourself, but instead expect to see your usual soup, salad, meat/seafood, and rice menu.

Photo description: soup, salad, meat/seafood, an rice.
Photo description: the salad on an oval white plate with cucumber, egg, tomato, and mixed greens.
What Americans think of when you say “eat healthy,” a salad.

Yeaaaaa, well, okay, this is a large salad, and I thought I was going to get some tiny and miniscule salad. Not so, that dressing, hard-boiled egg, the mixed greens could have been a meal in itself.

Here’s the spread, I got the shrimp, spinach, and kalbi chuck rib because fat is flavor and it’ll melt in your mouth.

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, got that fatty.

Before you dump the meat onto the grille, hover your hand over the grille at least 4″s off of the grille – if you can’t hold your hand there for more than a few seconds, your grille is ready. If somehow you can, either turn that heat up, or you’re just a badass who probably can’t feel love or searing heat.

TIP: Only place the pieces of meat you plan on eating immediately, and do not dump it all onto the grille all at once.

Med rare to rare for me please.

PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, please do not overcook the meat. If you think that “red juice” is blood, it’s not. It’s myoglobin. So the more you cook it, the dryer and tougher the meat gets which is why you only need to place the meat on the grille and flip it once.

If you’ve done it right, that’s how it should look (not like shoe leather).

Grilling is food cooked at high temperature, so all it takes is a couple seconds to cook the meat because it is thinly sliced just for quick grilling.

I can’t get enough of the spinach, corn, or mushroom medley – butter and garlic is good on almost anything.

Photo Description: spinach with garlic in its aluminum foil.
I can eat 3 or 4 of these

The spinach should sit on the very edge of the grille and should not be exposed to high heat (if you BBQ, it goes onto the top shelf in a grille).

Photo Description: the cooked beef at Gyukaku.
No sauce required when you’re a tasty piece of meat (*wink *wink) which also goes for this piece of meat here.

This is not Taco Bell where you need to make a b-line to the sauce counter to douse your food with mild, hot, diablo, and fire packets.

Photo Description: the poster of the rewards system.

Want points, use the promo code to hook yourself up, and if you want to post your code, feel free to post it below in the comments section, so that others can use it too.

Photo description: the Gyu-kaku promo code "GregTan9245."
Enter the promo code (Gyu-kaku invite): GREGTAN9245 to get an additional 50 points.

After only 350 points, lunch is on Gyu-kaku.

Photo description: the sauces at Gyu-kaku which include a ponzu, sweet soy, and a spicy sauce.
You see flavortown here, but I can do without it.
Photo description: two shrimp on a grill, the outer parts of the shrimp have a slightly blackened finish.
All it needs is a squeeze of lemon.

Aside from not overcooking your meat, if you can properly grille shrimp, when you bite into it, it will be plump’a’licious like a big ole juicy booty. If not, you will have to chew a chewy piece of shrimp that has been dried out because you let the shrimp lounge out on the grille like your older next door neighbor tanning in their backyard.

Photo description: a close up of the 8-1/2x11's of the safety first depicting 6 steps to not kill or hurt yourself.
I leave you with this because only you can prevent yourself from having a shitty lunch.

There’s a reason why there’s over 700 Gyu-kaku’s’ku’ku’ku’kuuuuuu’s all over the world, they kill it when it comes to value.

Happy Hour Menu

Even better now, as of 2020, Gyu-kaku Denver now has the same happy hour (HH) times as all their California locations which are Monday-Sunday, 11:00AM – 6:30PM & 9:30PM – LAST CALL.

Photo Description: the "beef ready to grill"
Click on the image to download the happy hour (HH) FULL MENU


Denver Lunch Menu
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Japanese BBQ Dining
1998 18th St.
Denver, CO 80202

Gyu-Kaku Hours of Operation

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Gyu-Kaku Map/Location

Located across the street from Union Station on the same block as Union Denver, Whole Foods, and CVS.

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