The Last of My Quarantine Instant Ramen Stash, Nissin Curry Cup Noodles

For almost one week, and nine meals, I went on an instant ramen binge.

I only use instant ramen for lunch, so I don’t have a problem because it’s not like I can’t stop or have to have it all the time even though I do admit having it a few times as a late night snack (and “no” it was not in a back alley or in a truck stop parking lot).

Curry is like crack, once you had it, you keep on wanting more.

I take back what I said about drawing a line on crappy noodle quality because the curry more than made up for it.

Spongy noodles and I don’t care because I’d eat this one again.

It’s good to be #1, and if only I could tout that.

1 guy, 1 cup.

In Japan, it’s rude to eat food on the go while walking, but since this product comes in a styrofoam cup that doesn’t get too hot even with a hot broth in it, it’s ideal for us Americans to eat on the go. Plus, it fits your car’s cup holders.

Just pour water in, and 3 to 3-1/2 minutes later, you’re good to go.

Hot water or microwaved.

Unlike a few of the other products that either requires a microwave or hot water to heat your food, this product can use either or. It can go both ways *wink *wink.

There be potatoes here! I was not expecting that, so now I have meat and potatoes with my curry.

I had some leftover ribeye from dinner the other night.

I chopped up the leftovers and tossed it in, along with pieces of fat from the steak that goes great with curry and those chunks of potato.

That cup design is so iconic.

It doesn’t look the greatest prior to being mixed up (it did smell good tho).

If you have never had Japanese curry, this is a cheap way of trying it.

After I had given it a good mix, I snapped a few pics and downed it all (once again, yea, those tender cuts of ribeye went perfect in here).

Look at those golden locks of wavy blonde noodles.


Amazon$10.54, 6-pack/$1.75
Tokyo Central (2.7oz)$1.88 each
Walmart$1.24 each (in store only)


If I wasn’t sick of instant noodles, I might go out and buy some of the original Cup Noodles that I had grown up eating as a kid although getting to try the curry version is good enough, and I am more than content now. *8 hours later* I need more, but I can stop anytime I want.


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