Venice Ramen Might Claim Venice, But They Are Straight Outta Marina Del Rey

You say you claim Venice as your hood, but we all know you come from the MDR.

Luckily, last month in Marina Del Rey, Venice Ramen opened their doors. Yea,something about that last sentence sounded off, but what wasn’t off, was the ramen at Marina Del Rey Ramen.

Venice Ramen in Marina Del Rey, and my initial impressions.

Photo Description: close-up of the Venice ramen bowl, and you can see the sliced green onions, two large pieces of chashu that cover half the bowl, and a fully cooked ajitama in the middle.
That is how they do it.

If somebody wants to drop the bomb on any new ramen shops names, I might suggest “Westside Ramen.” If anybody does open up with that name, you heard it hear first because my restaurant naming game is on point.

Photo Description: the corner end of the restaurant has a large black and white photo of Shibuya 109 (a very popular women's clothing store). You can see the bar style seating, the open kitchen, the black and white color motif, along with boxes which store the fresh ramen noodles to rows of Coca cola lined up on the ramen bar.
Interior of the fairly small restaurant aka “Japanese size.”

I like the giant black’n’white mural of Shibuya because you can see Shibuya 109 where a ton of hot girls mingle about since it’s a women’s department store. How do I know that? I’m not a women, but I know.

Photo Description: my bowl of tonkotsu ramen and gyoza. The bowl has two pieces of chashu, a fully cooked egg, menma, negi, and thin Hakata style noodles.
The full on money shot, take it all in before it’s ravaged by your noodle starved self.

It was a solid bowl although I think some of the details fall short on execution such as the chashu.

Photo Description: a close-up of the fully cooked egg at Venice Ramen.
Close-up of the fully cooked egg which is not as sexy as nitamago (half-cooked egg).
Photo Description: a picture of the menu which has the black and white image of Shibuya crossing with Shibuya 109 in the background.
My chashu looked nothing like the menu version because it was well done vs. the med done chashu (pink).

Venice Ramen

515 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 448-8886

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