Venice Ramen Might Claim Venice, But They Are Straight Outta Marina Del Rey

If life wasn’t hard enough, in L.A. you got Indian, Russian, Vietnamese to Japanese names you got to try and pronounce.

Luckily, last month in Marina Del Rey, Venice Ramen opened their doors.

That is how they do it.

If somebody wants to drop the bomb on any new ramen shops, I might suggest “Westside Ramen.” When that happens, you heard it hear first that one upp’d all the ramen shops in the naming game.

Interior of the fairly small restaurant aka “Japanese size.”

I like the giant black’n’white mural of Shibuya because you can see Shibuya 109 where a ton of hot girls mingle about since it’s a women’s department store.

The full on money shot, take it all in before it’s ravaged by your noodle starved self.
Close-up of the fully cooked egg which is not as sexy as nitamago (half-cooked egg).


My chashu looked nothing like the menu version because it was well done vs. the med done chashu (pink).

Venice Ramen

515 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 448-8886
Yelp – Facebook


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