Obon Summer festival 2016 Schedule

Here’s a semi-complete list of the remaining obons on the Westcoast which are during July and August:

I should have posted this earlier, but better late than never.

SF, Saturday, July 23rd – link for
Pasadena, Sat/Sun, July 23rd/24th
Alameda, Sat, July 23rd
Berkeley, Sat/Sun, July 23rd/24th
Vista, Sat/Sun, July 23rd/24th
Parlier, Sat, July 23rd
Denver, Sat, July 30th
WLA, Sat/Sun, July 30/31st
Las Vegas, Sat, August 6th
San Diego, Sat, August 6th
Palo Alto, Sat/Sun, August 6/7th
Stockton, Sat/Sun, August 6/7th
Gardena, Sat/Sun, August 13th/14th
Little Tokyo, LA, Sun, August 21st

Picture is from the Venice obon.
They all vary, but aside from the bon odori (dancing), you’ll also typically find taiko, food, drinks, martial arts demonstrations, bingo (yes bingo!), games, etc.

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