“Nutsack” Sushi

As a kid and still as an adult, I have immaturely stuck with the nickname for inarizushi as "nutsack sushi"

My brain can’t get it out of my head because of the fried outer tofu pouch (“aburaage”). It’s stuffed typically with sushi rice or a mixed sushi rice of carrot, gobo, mushroom, etc.

Inari can easily be made to be strictly vegan or vegetarian, and if you do that, the tree huggers types can nickname it “hacky sack sushi”.


The inari sushi at Kula Sushi

If you’re looking to try inari, you can go to a:

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Really? I just call it inari and my mom knows exactly what I mean. LOL 😂


hahahah, yea the proper way is of course “inari”, but as a kid that had stuck with all the way up to adulthood…. like they say, men mature slower.


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