My First Impression of Katsu Ramen and Ramen in Colorado

Edited on 9/15/18: I have no what I was trying to say the first time around.

Hot mannequins got nothing on the plastic food models at Katsu Ramen (well maybe just height)

Way back in the 1920’s, back before Polaroid which came out in 1948, and before Instagram, people in Japan were using detailed plastic models called “sampuru” (sample) to lure you in with #plasticfoodmodels.

I haven’t even made it through the front door, and I’m going to ramble on about the plastic food displays in the front of the restaurant…. don’t get me started on those lanterns (chochin).

Located in a strip mall, behind a 7-11, right next to a number of Korean businesses.

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic, you can stare and drool, but you can’t eat these displays.

There are few places in Colorado that I have been to that are using plastic displays.

Even the plastic version you can spill your soup
Finally, not a bunch of fusion B.S.

Next to Kiki’s, this is one of the only other places that isn’t a version of Colorado’s Americanized interpretations of Japanese food like Sushi Den.

Unlike, the good looks of ramen bowl, I have to rely solely on my personality.

Not bad of an effort compared to Menya Ramens supposed “tonkotsu ramen” in downtown Denver which was the first place I had ramen at in Colorado.

Check out my noodle pull, I just can’t focus and lift at the same time.

I was ramen’d out with the mediocre spot I had been too, and the remaining options didn’t seem any better. The Yelp search produced: Sera’s Ramen Enclave (just from the name and pictures on yelp, pass), Tycoon Ramen (pass), Uncle (yea, definitely a pass), Osaka Ramen (they’re not instilling any confidence with a 3.5), Sakura House (this has got to be “homestyle” ramen), and Izakaya Den (pass) to name a few. Am I wrong, or is there a must try spot for good ramen in Colorado?

Rural states versus coastal states are torture because all the restaurants tend to throw in bok choy or shiitake mushrooms in to everything cuz #orientalfood

Being in Colorado, I don’t think I could missed out eating the grilled oysters at Angelos (especially during happy hour), or the spot-on scallop preparation at Jax, to my favorite Chicano spot, the Original Chubbies. At this point, anything but ramen just might be in order over another Colorado ramen-ya.

Can you picture yourself here with your waifu or husbando

Being back in Colorado (my hometown), I got to hang out with my cool aunt who took me out to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls which got my stomach growling from hunger. Lucky for me, Katsu Ramen is located only down the street from Kennedy Golf course, and my aunt came armed with coupons.

I took it for granted in California, but little pockets of Japanese culture is like finding a rare pokemon (“I choose you Katsu’chu Ramen”).


Burned, but still some of the best gyoza I have had.

There are two sides for ramen that are my goto’s which are either chahan (fried rice) which I eat when I’m hungover or eating miso ramen.  If it’s any other type of ramen, I do gyoza hungover or not.

There’s that eff’n bok choy that every restaurant adds, and you might be wondering what is the big deal? Imagine if every European restaurant had pepperoni added to any food regardless if it were Russian, German, French, or American. Well, that’s exactly how I feel (hey, I do love pepperoni).
Yup very nice touches here’n’there

Typically, my aunt would say she’s going to the bathroom, so that she could pay, but this time around she really did go to the bathroom. Dammnn, she’s slipp’n like a noob because I was able to sneak one in on her and pay the bill before she could, and she’ll have to save those coupons for some other time.

Japanese food is very seasonal, so you will often see summer menu items.
Wonder why Japanese are not big ole fatass’s, well it’s cuz they drink green tea which is in the vast majority of vending machines or at restaurants vs. sugar laden soda.

I’m plump like a sausage because I still drink a little soda here’n’there, but I also love my beer and other foods.

My aunt and Yukiko

You still caught up about the displays like I am, check out www.tofugu.com if you want to  go deep on it.

Katsu Ramen

1930 S. Havana St. #4 
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 751-2222


    1. I always used to see this happen amongst my family, and when I went out with friends, I didn’t necessarily see their family up’n’arms on who was going to pay. Good to know that the Irish fight to pay too!

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