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Most Apps Aren’t Worth the Download, but Gyu-Kaku Sure Knows How to Make It Enticing.

First thing you’re probably thinking is what does it do? and is it worth the space on your phone.

Why Download the App

The last thing you need is another app on your phone to clutter things up while taking up valuable hard drive space (like that Pokemon Go app that you haven’t touched in a while). Hard drive space is one reason most steer clear of downloading yet another app, but this one is worth the download if you answer “yes” to the two questions below:

  1. FREE things: you’re going for the first time and you like free things.
  2. Frequent Diner: why wouldn’t you want to cash in for being a frequent customer.
Welcome fellow guy-you-cock-you-ers or in Japanese Gyu-kaku.

Promo Code


Where to Download

“Gyu-Kaku” app by Punchh, Inc., 18 MB.

Google Play Store

“Gyu-Kaku” app by Punchh, Inc., 34.8 MB.

Itunes iPhone

More Rewarding Than Skee-Ball

Remember playing hours of Skee-ball to get 10,000 tickets to only find you that your choice of prizes are either a ball point pen or an eraser? Well, the Gyu-Kaku app is more rewarding, and you also get fed.


Just by Joining

100 Points: As of the time of this post, you instantly get 100 points for downloading the app

If You Connect Via Facebook

50 points: you get an additional 50 points for connecting with your facebook account. That right there gets you a free ice cream, s’mores, salad, mushroom medley, or toro beef! (yea, I used an exclamation mark).

It’s Your Birthday

100 points: regardless if you have friends, Gyu-Kaku has you covered for your birthday, and I can show up if you’re buying the beer.

Lure Your Friends In

50 points: you both benefit because you get 50 points, but so does your friend. So this is how we’d both benefit if you don’t have a friend, is if you use my code “GregTan9245” (consider us friends if you do).

EDIT (6/2/18)

I’d like to thank everybody who used my code, and I was wondering if it would work if I somehow were able to post others (your) codes? (I did try to scan another’s receipt, and it knew it had been scanned already).

EDIT (6/25/18)

please feel free to leave your own personal code at the bottom in the comment section at the bottom. I tried to modify the settings to make that easy on you if you choose to do that although I have not tested it yet.

Special Offers

$10 OFF: Until Sept. 20th, 2017, you also get $10 off when you spend $30.

The Downsides

Not every location is on board with the app, and I guess some of them are like “naw, we’d rather not reward you with anything if you like coming here.”

Am I Getting Paid to Say This?

No, I wish, and I’m just trying to hook you up. In fact, I dismissed the app till a friend in Texas told me how he was benefitting from it (thanks Raimbault family). Too many companies come out with useless and senseless apps, but not Gyu-kaku in terms of rewarding frequent diners.

When it comes ot promo’s, Gyu-kaku reigns supreme. Imagery courtesy of Gyu-Kaku

What You Really Get

The pricing is an approximate pricing, and it may vary based upon your location.

  • 100 Points

    • $3.00, s’mores
    • $2.00, ice cream
  • 150 Points

    • $5.75/6.75, Salad
    • $5.00, Mushroom medley, buuuuuutter and fungus, yes. Next to the spinach another one of my favorites.
    • $4.25/5.25, Toro beef
  • 200 Points

    • $8.25, Sukiyaki bibimbap
    • $6.25/7.25, Shrimp garlic, this is my goto.
  • 250 Points

    • $9.75, Harami skirt steak
    • $8.25/9.25, Kalbi short rib
    • $6.50/8.25, Filet mignon, it might sound bougie, but lean meats aren’t all that unless it’s really high quality and make sure to cook it rare to medium rare.
  • 500 Points

    • $25.00 off your next visit.
Be sure not to over cook the shrimp and that lemon goes great after you’re done grilling.
*The above is meant to give you an idea of the pricing, and I am not responsible for pricing errors. For pricing, please visit the official website for pricing for your location.

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