Most Apps Aren’t Worth the Download, but Gyu-Kaku Sure Knows How to Make It Enticing

First thing you are probably thinking is what does it do? and is it worth the space on your phone (I will tell you it beats having to clip a Gyu-kaku coupon or your Pokémon Go app that you have not used lately).

Updated on Sept 5, ’21 and Sept 5, ’22, and on Apr 16, ’23

Restaurants want you to be a repeat customer, so if you are not taking advantage of their promotions via coupons or in the case of Gyu-kaku, their smartphone app, you are losing out my fellow guy-you-cock-ooh cohort (btw, it’s pronounced g’you-cock-ooh).

If you have friends or are cool with your mom/dad, you will receive 50 points per friend/parent because this app will pay off as soon as you download it.

Right off, you can get s’mores or ice cream, even with no friends (most people with no friends can’t claim that).
Photo Description: my Pinterest Pin image with my GregTan9245 promo code to get 50 points. This is a lot easier than a Gyukaku coupon.
One of the significant reasons why we would eat at Gyu-kaku in California was that they always had promos.

Why download the Gyu-Kaku app (because it beats using a coupon)

The last thing you need is another app on your phone to clutter things up while taking up valuable hard drive space (like that Pokemon Go app that you haven’t touched in a while). Hard drive space is one reason most steer clear of downloading yet another app, but this one is worth the download if you answer “yes” to the two questions below:

The only other food app I regularly use is Starbucks, and I cannot think of any other that is worth the download (even after I used this one, it made me want to check out other food apps, but none so far can compare).

I think Gyu-kaku is one of the best companies when it comes to promotions which they have all the time that vary.
  1. FREE things: you’re going for the first time, or you are a regular customer but you like free things.
  2. Frequent Diner: why would you not want to cash in for being a frequent customer?

If you eat at Gyu-Kaku, even if it is your first time, I highly recommend you download the app because it pays off from the beginning, and you can not say that about Skee-Ball.

Photo Description: the Gyukaku app opening screen. The Gyu-kaku logo, along with the text "Japanese BBQ Dining."
Welcome fellow guy-you-cock-you-ers or in Japanese Gyu-kaku.

Gyu-Kaku Promo Code

Photo Description: gyu-kaku-invite-code is "GregTan9245."

Where to Download the Gyu-Kaku App

“Gyu-Kaku” app by Punchh, Inc., 18 MB.

Photo Description: the "Google Play" icon has the text "Get it on Google Play" along with the Google play logo.

Google Play Store

“Gyu-Kaku” app by Punchh, Inc., 34.8 MB.

Photo Description: The Apple app store logo has the words "available on the App store, along with the Apple logo.

Itunes iPhone

More rewarding than skee-ball and a magikarp

Remember playing hours of Skee-ball to get 10,000 tickets to only find you that your choice of prizes are either a ball point pen or an eraser? Well, the Gyu-Kaku app is more rewarding, and you also get fed.

Photo Description: an image by Gyu-kaku of a number of meats laid on on their signature rectangular black plates. A top the meat is a sprig of parsley.
The ease of use of an app one ups your coupons and fanny pack.

Just by Joining

100 Points
As of the time of this post, you instantly get 100 points for downloading the app

If You Connect Via Facebook

50 points
You get an additional 50 points for connecting with your Facebook account. That right there gets you a free ice cream, s’mores, salad, mushroom medley, or toro beef! (yea, I used an exclamation mark).

It’s Your Birthday

100 points
Regardless if you have friends, Gyu-Kaku has you covered for your birthday, and I can show up if you’re buying the beer.

Lure Your Friends In

50 points
You both benefit because you get 50 points, but so does your friend. So this is how we both benefit if you don’t have a friend, is if you use my code “GregTan9245” (consider us friends if you do).

Special Offers

$10 OFF
You also get $10 off when you spend $30 (this special offer is valid for a limited time).

The downsides of the Gyu-Kaku app

They have made more changes to what you do or don’t get versus improvements such as an in-app notifications setting, especially since one of the changes early on was to have your points expire.

There is ONE annoyingly dumb feature of the app which is after you accrue points, you will be notified of the expiration of points, and you can not turn off those notices in the app, so you will get notifications all the time.

I had to turn off notifications via my phone settings, not the app.

Not every location is on board with the app, and I guess some of them are like “naw, we’d rather not reward you with anything if you like coming here.”

Am I getting paid to say this?

No, I wish, and I am just trying to hook you up. In fact, I dismissed the app till a friend in Texas told me how he was benefitting from it (thanks Raimbault family).

Photo Description: image of the Gyu-kaku BBQ grill, a number of hands (2) surrounding the grill using tongs to flip or pick up the meat.
When it comes to promo’s, Gyu-kaku reigns supreme. Imagery courtesy of Gyu-Kaku

Too many companies come out with useless and senseless apps, but not Gyu-kaku in terms of rewarding frequent diners.

What you really get from the Gyu-kaku app

The pricing is an approximate pricing, and it may vary based upon your location.

PRO TIP: I either choose items with my 500 points (like short rib, s’mores, and toro beef), or if I had spent $100, I would then use the 25% discount (vs. a 25% ($10) discount on a $40 meal).

Only available for dine-in, and users are limited to using 500 points per user, per day with the exception of limited-time offers and special events.
  • 100 Points

    • $3.00, S’mores
    • $2.00, Fountain drink
  • 150 Points

    • $3.45, Cheese fondue, who doesn’t like cheese (psss, Asians, lactose intolerant)
    • $5.00, Mushroom medley, buuuuuutter and fungus, yes (next to the spinach another one of my favorites on the menu).
    • $4.25/5.25, Toro beef
    • $5.00, Edamame , ed-uh-ma-may, or if you’re the foe vs pho type, ed’a’mammy
  • 200 Points

    • $8.25, Sukiyaki bibimbap
    • $6.25/7.25, Shrimp garlic, this is my goto.
  • 250 Points

    • $9.75, Harami skirt steak
    • $8.25/9.25, Kalbi short rib
    • $6.50/8.25, Filet mignon, it might sound bougie, but lean meats aren’t all that unless it’s really high quality and make sure to cook it rare to medium rare.
  • 350 Points

    • 15% Off (up to $15), get 15% OFF your check subtotal maximum $15.00
  • 500 Points

    • $25.00 off your next visit. (this change really sucks). Now they only give you a 25% discount off (up to $25dollars and it keeps getting lower and lower).
Photo Description: the shrimp from Gyu-kaku being grilled. You can see dark grill marks on a number of the shrimp (approximately 4 shrimp are on top a grid like grill).
Be sure not to over cook the shrimp and that lemon goes great after you’re done grilling.

Get the App Because it Beats the Need for a Gyu-Kaku Coupon

I know you are just about to eat, or you already ate, so your interest level is like most dudes after “happy fun time,” non-existent. Although if you have it in you, feel free to leave your promo code below in the comments.

To find your Gyu-kaku promo code, go to the hamburger button (the three hashes) and click on “Invite Friends.” Now, you have the opportunity for more points, more free food, and connections to cuddle with fellow Gyu-kaku diners.

If you want to get some free points yourself, please feel free to leave your code in the comments section or drop me an email.

*The above is meant to give you an idea of the pricing, and I am not responsible for pricing errors. For pricing, please visit the official Gyu-kaku.com website for pricing for your location.

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