Osaka “Okonomiyaki” Burger’s Flagship Restaurant is Coming to Boulder, Colorado

“The Concept:

“The Concept: Osaka’s offers “A New Way to Eat Japanese” with the introduction of ‘Okonomiyaki’, a traditional Japanese pancake, used as a bun in an array of flavor-filled, healthy, burger-style sandwiches.

These, along with other authentic foods and beverages of Japan, will be served with ‘Omotenashi’ (ultimate Japanese hospitality) and in the comfort of contemporary Japanese ambiance.”

I’ve got my okonomiyaki, I got my burger, I got my Osaka Burger.

I never thought I would hear or see the day when okonomiyaki and a burger would come together, but I don’t think I’d market okonomiyaki like a “pancake” because it’s not. It is more like a combination of a frittata (mix of meat and veggies) and a pancake (flour based).

Well that day will soon be here, and I am excited to try this place out with their planned opening in Monday, October 8th,  2018 (update: 10/19/18: I reached out to them for an updated timeline, and they said due to construction, they probably won’t be open till early November).

1. Looks like they will offer hijiki, but I can only imagine that this will go over well with a very small niche (Japanese people or people in Boulder), 2. “green” ao nori? 3. sweet potato fries? 4. will they actually have steak? 5. first thing I thought of was a ramen burger which I refuse to try because it is so gimmicky, but I doubt that is just noodles.

I also never thought I would see a Japanese based company coming to Colorado because as of now, Gyu-Kaku (franchise) is the only other chain set to come to Colorado this year possibly. The other large restaurant group are Japanese-American companies like Nobu Matsuhisa which just recently opened in late 2015.

Update (9/15/2108):

Why does it have to be in the form of a “burger.”

Very cool, because it is odd to see a Japanese company actually put up pics on Facebook and Yelp because they are not too up on social media. Even better, is that we finally have official pics released by them, and if you read my picture caption, it’s a slight hint of my first impressions, but I’ll hold back until I actually try their food.

Restaurants Near By
Within their general area: name, cuisine, rating, and pricing

  • Rincon Argentino, Argentine, 4.5, 462, $
  • The Buff Restaurant, breakfast/brunch, 4.5, 1,127, $$
  • Flower Child (new), vegetarian, 4.5, 21, N/A
  • Zolo Grill, Mexican, 4.0, 340, $$
  • Vero Boulder, pizza, 4.0, 21, $$
  • Tasuki, Japanese/sushi, 4, 130, $$
  • Shine Restaurant & Potion  Bar, vegan/bar?, 3.5, 298, $$
  • Kalita Grill Greek Cafe, Greek, 4.5, 108, $$
  • Larkburger, burgers, 3.5, 302, $
  • Doug’s Day Diner, breakfast, 4.0, 103, $$

Additional Information
I also happened to find an article from 2014 on JapanToday, go check it out, “The birth of the ‘Osaka Burger.‘” I’m fairly certain it is the same company/person.

Update (12/12/2108):

I finally tried Osaka’s okonomiyaki inspired burger, and here’s what I thought of it.


Osaka Burger

Global Osaka’s Restaurants, LLC.
2460 Canyon Blvd, Ste 1
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 398-9115

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