Bro, Huntington Ramen and Sushi Offers Up a Lot of Value, so You Will Have More Money for That Lift Kit for the Truck

It is so good to see a Japanese owned and operated ramen ya in Huntington Beach (Wintersburg area), right off of Warner, about a block-and-a-half away from the Porsche tuner b|b|i Autosport (if you aren’t a truck or jeep dudette/dude).

Huntington Ramen's Menu
Lots of pictures, so you don’t have to be literate (able to read) here.

Even in Huntington Beach Japanese restaurants are forced to diversify their menu, but while most restaurants can’t do one thing right, so they do a million things wrong, Huntingon Ramen delivers on both sushi and ramen.

Look at dudes shirt of the Hawiian islands…. eh brah

Huntington Ramen is usually always busy even if they’re in a obscure location away from the bulk of Japanese restaurants which are typically located in Costa Mesa.

Picture yourself coming through that door.

I really like the interior here because of the semi-private booths which is a lot like restaurants in Japan (not necessarily ramen ya’s though).

My “go to,” my main chick, the HB Tonkotsu $9.35

The three pics of ramen are in the order of what I typically order: tonkotsu, spicy, and shoyu although I should have tried the real tan tan.

The spicy miso $9.35 which is my side chick
Simply shoyu $7.95…. when I’m drunk

Other types of ramen offered are the real tan tan, shrimp special, vegeatable miso, and “vegan ecstacy.” With a name like that, I would like to see if any vegans are going to be in ecstacy eating it.

You know you’re in a Japanese business when everything is affordable yet delicious AF.
dammmnnnnnn 8-pieces, and not a measly 4-pieces.

Try beating the quality and amount of food you get for $11.85 anywhere else, and it would be hard to beat.

Deep-fried crispy dumpling goodness for $4.95, so you will also have money for that Rigid Industries light bar you have been wanting.

I think the two sides for ramen to get are either gyoza (dumplings) or fried rice which they don’t have although….. that could bring about some roid rage in some.

Wow, the front of the house staff all wear a hakama instead of a Forever 21 outfit, bikini, or a yoga pants.


  • The waitresses are wearing traditional Japanese hakama’s.
  • Variety of ramen from tonkotsu, spicy miso, to vegetable ramen
  • Surprisingly that they do sushi just as well as their ramen (above average for SoCal)
  • Lunch special combo’s are a nice value for only about $12-13.
  • The owner is super cool here and it is reflective in the pricing and quality of food.


  • You eating at In’n’Out again vs. coming here.

Huntington Ramen Menu

Click on the image for the full size *Prices are as of 8/2018. Not responsible for price changes.*

Huntington Ramen

7391 Warner Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 715-3631
Yelp rating: 4-stars, 483 reviews
Google rating: 4.5-stars, 229 reviews

How good are they doing? They opened up a second location

1325 E Chapman Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 213-8228
Yelp rating: 4.5-stars, 253  reviews
Google rating: 4.7-stars, 107 reviews

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