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What Do You Get for $10? Not Anything You Want, But You Will Get This Much Sushi in CA, TX, and HI

Hey, Baby. You Got Sushi? If you do not, and you only have $10 on you, do not worry. I have you covered because I am listing the cheap sushi places.

It seems like every place thinks or wants to offer up “sushi,” but if you want sushi on a budget, here are some of the recommended spots from kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) to the daily made sushi at Japanese supermarkets.

Here are Four Places to Get Japanese Sushi for Under Ten Dollars

If you’re on the West Coast from California, Texas, to Hawaii, here are the spots to go to for affordable to just straight out cheap sushi from kaiten sushi to Japanese markets.

Two Categories of Businesses

  • Kaiten or “rotation sushi” are spots where your sushi goes cruising around the restaurant on belts, waterways, rails, etc. (basically a better transit system than LA’s highways). They are typically the cheap as hell places to hit up although they are not all low in quality, and some like Kura emphasize no preservatives or “added” MSG.
  • Japanese supermarkets are no joke. The quality here is better than some restaurants, and you can not compare it with the stuff found in Whole Foods or your local grocery store because in terms of quality or taste, this is on par with something the sushi you would find in Japan.


1. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

The Tab

  1. Qty. (1), crispy rice and spicy salmon, $2.25
  2. Qty. (1), inari sushi (gunkun), $2.25
  3. Qty. (1), the Kula roll (roll), $2.25
  4. Qty. (1), cheesecake, $2.25
  5. Total $9.00 (does not include tax or tip)
Crispy Rice with Spicy Salmon $2.25

$2.25 Nigiri (fish on rice), temaki (hand roll), and sides

$2.25 inari and the Kula roll

Cheesecake, $2.25

Almost everything is $2.25 if you picked up on that pattern.

2. Genki Sushi

The Tab

  1. Qty. (2) salmon skin hand, $1.60
  2. Qty. (1) tuna nigiri sushi or spicy tuna handroll, $4.70
  3. Agedashi tofu, $2.90
  4. Total $9.20  (does not include tax or tip)
Salmon skin temaki (hand roll) $1.80

Colored plates (California menu): $1.80 orange, $2.90 green, $3.60 red, $4.70 grey, $5.80 black

Tuna nigiri sushi (2nd most expensive gunkun) or a spicy tuna hand roll are both $4.70 each (the most expensive of the 5 handrolls).

Age dashi tofu, $2.90


3. Mitsuwa

The Tab

  1. Qty. (3) hosomaki rolls to (5pc.) yellow tail sushi (hamachi), $7.99$9.99

Total $9.99  (does not include tax)

I only get this if I’m feeling like a baller, and I stick with the $7.99 range (budget baller)

This is the spot for quality nigiri sushi outside of a restaurant.

A lot of variety for $7.99

This is my favorite spot to go to when I want sushi on a budget.

4. Tokyo Central

The Tab

  1. Qty. (2) tuna and (2) salmon sushi and (4) roll combo, $9.48
  2. Total $9.48  (does not include tax)
Not my favorite place to go when compared to the others listed.

They offer a lot of tuna and salmon sushi.

Not just sushi here too, and they have a number of grilled and cooked items.

They keep changing their menu because they have no clue what to do, yet Marukai was originally in this location in which they retained a lot of the staff, so how do they not know what does and does not work?

Sushi Near You

To find a sushi spot near you, the businesses below primarily cover Southern and Northern California, Texas, and Hawaii.

1. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

CA: Irvine, Torrance, Brea, Pleasanton, Rancho Cucamonga, Sawtelle/LA, San Diego, Cupertino, Little Tokyo/LA, TX: Carrolton, Austin, Westheimer, Sugar Land, Midtown, Frisco, Misc: Doraville, GA,

2. Genki Sushi USA

CA: Santa Ana, WA: King County and HI: Oahu, Kauai, Big Island (mutliple locations in HI).

3. Mitsuwa Market

CA: Torrance, Irvine, Costa Mesa, San Gabriel, Santa Monica, San Diego, San Jose, NJ: New Jersey, TX: Plano, HI: Waikiki

4. Tokyo Central Market

CA: Gardena, West Covina, Costa Mesa, Torrance, San Diego.

*Not responsible for price changes or incorrect pricing.

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